Blame It On The Bush

Blame It On The Bush

In the 70s Kris Kristofferson wrote a song titled ‘Blame it on the Stones’. Basically, a song for the middle class that placed the blame for all their ills on the rock band ‘The Rolling Stones.’

As I read over the lyrics I cannot help but think of the Democrat Party and their attempts to blame every sin over the last decade on former President Bush. I figure it is only a matter of time until someone picks up Mr. Kristofferson’s ditty and changes the words to reflect the major media and Democrat Party’s new whipping boy George Bush.

I could take my time and what little musical talent I have and write the ditty myself, but I think I should leave that to others that may be more lyrical in talents. Though it is not beyond me to wake up a two in the morning and add an update to this post with my own lyrical version.

The subject of this post is what the media and others ignore. Shortly after he took office in 2001 President Bush began warning the congress on the need to regulate Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. He avidly pushed his opinion that the practices of these two Democrat created government backed entities were going to blow up the economy.

By 2003 Senator McCain and others had picked up on the issue and began soliciting the House Financial Committee to take action. In 2005 hearings took place in the House. Democrats held firm to their belief that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were solvent and posed not threat to the economy. Barney Frank viciously defended the status quote, never once mentioning that he was dating a Freddie Mac executive.

Maxine Waters heavily defended Harold Raines who was fired from one of these fine institutions for the same practices Ken Lay had been tried, convicted, sentenced and destroyed for at Enron. The basic difference being, the Democrats allowed Harold Raines to walk away with over ninety million dollars in his pocket while a destitute Ken Lay died of a heart attack shortly before his prison sentence began. Harold currently serves as an adviser to the Obama.

When Freddie and Fannie finally blew up and took down the economy. Only George Bush had a plan. Of course, he had warned the Congress seventeen, yes seventeen, times during the previous year that this was going to happen.

Will I defend everything George Bush did while he was in the White House? Of course not, but the runaway housing issues that blew up our economy where ‘not his fault’. He did not create the problem. The problem was created by Jimmy Carter. It was placed on steroids by Bill Clinton. It was fostered by a need of the Democrat Party to ‘redistribute our wealth’.

The Democrat low income housing issue had been simmering for years. Only the inflation of housing prices was holding it up. This is evidenced by the fact that FHA foreclosure were in the neighborhood of 30% in 2005 when the housing market was booming.

George Bush stood on the tracks and warned the nation that the train was coming. The Democrats denied the existence of the train. With the help of the lame stream media they successfully shifted all blame away from themselves and placed it on the one individual who was warning us all along. Every member of the Dem Party that facilitated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s devastating impact on our economy were rewarded with re-election and the power to be even more destructive in their future endeavors like health care and cap and trade. Today they are simply allowed to blame everything on George Bush.

Hey, you car engine died, its’ Bush’s fault. Got a bad hairdo, blame it on Bush. Got caught stealing millions of taxpayer dollars, eh that Bush fellow has got to be the blame.  Global warming is a hoax, that darn Bush did it.

Keep going Democrat’s one day the truth will come out. George Bush had his faults, but it ‘is not his fault’.


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