Obama, The Soros Payoff

What should have been a major news story was totally ignored by the main stream media. While this surprises few. It does emphasis how far the media will go to hide the current administration’s dishonesty, its ties to the socialist movement and the huge debts owed to those that it will not acknowledge publicly.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Socialist Billionaire George Soros, I will simply state that Saturday Night Live identified him best as ‘the owner of the Democrat Party.’ Mr. Soros has donated millions to his Socialist brethren through questionable means and supports dozens, if not hundreds, of the far left smear websites such as Move On dot Org. Mr. Soros donated heavily to the Obama campaign.

Mr. Obama’s payback to Mr. Soros was accomplished simply with the help of our Turbo Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary using two billion dollars of ‘Stimulus Funds’.

In June 2009 Mr. Soros purchased in the neighborhood of 20% of the available stock in a Brazilian Oil Firm named Petrobas. At the time Petrobas stock was selling at approximately six dollars a share. In late August the Treasury Secretary awarded Petrobas two billion dollars from the Stimulus Funds. By late September the stock had tripled in value.

Basically, it was thank you for playing Mr. Soros, here is all your money back, plus interest, courtesy of the American Taxpayer.
Think about this. The Treasury Secretary awarded two billion dollars of Stimulus Funds. Stimulus funds legislated to be used in order to stimulate the U. S. economy. How does supporting a Brazilian Oil Firm stimulate economic growth for the American Taxpayer? The answer is, it does not.

This was a payoff, plain and simple. No questions asked. Where are the investigative journalists? I guess they were too busy vetting Sarah Palin to notice the theft of two billion of the taxpayer’s dollars.

One wonders why the press fails to notice, or report, issues that go against the people they support. The fact is the press will never support a candidate that will address and repair the countries problems. Good news does not sell papers. Train wrecks do. It is no longer about the news as the news has an agenda.


Another troubling issue with this is, at the same time Obama is cancelling oil drilling and exploration licenses in this country in the name of environmentalism, he is sending two billion dollars of the U.S. taxpayers money to a foreign oil company involved in drilling and exploration in Brazil. Is it any wonder that some of us think he is purposely out to destroy this economy so he can replace it with his own vision of a socialist utopia.


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