We Do

That is the answer to the question ‘who pays for it.’   We do.

A Simpson’s episode featuring an underground organization named ‘The Stonecutters’,  a takeoff on the Masons, included a scene where the Stonecutters sang a cultist type song ‘We Do’, where the Stonecutters take responsibility for several conspiracies, some real, some imagined, all humorous.  The chorus we do, can be heard at this link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBav72i7I3s reminds me of the answer to the above question.

My own version of the song, please feel free to add on 🙂

When Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, broke the back of all the banks, with the help of Barney Frank, who has to pay the money back, We do, We do.

When Obama sent a trillion bucks, to the banks and other foreign trusts, who gets shaken down for the bucks, We Do, We Do.

With California over taxed, they raise the rates & add entitlements, when the Feds bail them out who pays it back, We Do, We Do.

With unemployment on the rise, they tax us more and tell us lies, who gets the shaft while our earnings die, We Do, We Do.

With lawyers running everything and politicians without a brain, who gets the blame for everything, We Do, We Do.

With Wall Street on a steady gain and Main Street going down the drain, who ends up not getting anything, We Do, We Do.


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