Not Another Day

Remember the jobs commercial with the parrot.  The commercial opens with a parrot alone in room.  The parrot begins speaking ‘not another day awwk’ ‘not another day awwk’.  It repeats this several times then a gentleman enters through the front door.  He sits dejectively in a chair, places his face in his hand and moans ‘not another day, not another day.’  

That describes how I feel after working on some days.  Working in DC has both plus and minus benefits.  Many days minus outweighs plus.  When I was active duty there were days I could not believe they paid me for what I did .  There were other days I could not believe what they paid me for what I did.  I mean Evil Kenevil would have earned a million dollars for what they were asking me to do.

Anyway, I just got home work and sat down to check my e-mail then catch up on the news.  Seems I have won one million pounds sterling in some contest I do not recall entering.  I only have to send all my vital information to an e-mail @ hotmail dot com.  Gee, one would think that a person with the authority to issue one million pounds sterling would work for an entity capable of having their own e-mail address or web-site.  Oh well 🙂  I feel there is a special place in hell for people who run scams like these.

Gee, where was I, oh Yes.. not another day, not another day lol.  Have a great day everyone 🙂


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