Don’t Brush While Reading Ace

After lunch today I was sitting at my work computer brushing my teeth, yes I brush my teeth at my desk the building restrooms smell funny, when I opened up the Ace of Spades web-site.   As I read the headline of the second post I burst into uncontrolled laughter spewing toothpaste, well mostly toothpaste, all over my monitor, keyboard, desk, cube wall.. well you get the picture.  Trouble was, I couldn’t stop giggling so it also ran down my shirt, on my pants, etc…

The gist of the post is Ace’s takeoff of a liberal partisan Chris Buckley’s review of President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  It is funny, vulgar, offending to some and did I mention it is funny 🙂  Apparently, Ace has read some of Mr. Buckley’s earlier work and he didn’t appreciate it that much either.

If you read this I warn you, it may be vulgar, or offensive to some.  Heck to many maybe.  There is no nudity, but there is some foul language involved.  Okay, you’ve been warned, click here 🙂  Oh, and make sure your mouth is empty 🙂


One Response to Don’t Brush While Reading Ace

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