The Jobs Bill or Stimulus II

With the recent interest taken by the White House for a jobs bill to stimulate the economy also comes the peril of pacifying special interest.  If the both the House and Senate present The President with a bill chock full of special interest earmarks, the last one having over 9000 earmarks, Mr. Obama must veto the bill in order to save his presidency.

If the coming jobs bill is not sufficiently focused to support small business and create jobs the coming  fall election will be a bloodbath for the Democrat Party.  While the 9000 earmarks in previous bills have largely been unnoticed by the main stream media, We The People are now focused on what is going on.  A new jobs bill will not have the support of Stimulus I, or the omnibus bill, if they support only green initiatives and special interest.

I believe the public will support a focused bill that offers incentives and tax cuts to small business as long as they apply across the spectrum and offer no separate and unequal terms to favored groups.  The house bill is unsuitable to achieve these goals.  It will be up to the senate to put forth a bill that is truly bi-partisan and focuses on the need of the people, not the need of a special few.

Time will tell us where this leads.  Keep  your fingers crossed and keep those e-mails flowing into the congress.  Maybe they can ‘hear us now’ 🙂


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