GOP House Retreat & President Obama

What I got from the Obama GOP House retreat talks was this.

It is all the GOPs fault for scarring people with false claims, rhetoric and failure to compromise, or offer ideas.

It makes one wonder if he is capable of paying attention to his own actions, or inactions, and those of his staff and supporters.  Was it not he who called us bitter clingers.  Was it not he who responded to GOP suggestions with ‘I Won.”  Was it not he who froze others out of the debate and steamrolled his agenda through the house and congress without even letting the other side read the bills much less take part in drafting them.  Was it not he that used strong-arm threats, scare tactics and bribes to get others in his own party to do his bidding.   Was it not he that brought in supporters from out-of-state and union thugs for town hall events, while freezing out the local population and calling the tea party movement Astroturf. 

He ignored critics, demonized dissent and attacked those that disagreed with him.  Now it is the GOPs fault that his presidency is in peril.  His statement today ‘I am not a demagogue, don’t demonize me.’  My response it hey, Mr. President whiny pants, I am not a lame stream media whore .  Don’t urinate in my face and tell me its raining.  I was born at night, but not last night.

The next three years will interesting to say the least.  I have a feeling it may be much like this old Monty Python video I lifted from Youtube 🙂


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