Obama Claims Healthcare Debate Was on CSPAN

He states the bills were openly debated on CSPAN in committee.  I guess he forgets all those closed-door meetings.  The fact that the majority of the congress were prevented from seeing the bills prior them being offered for a vote.  He doesn’t seem to recall that the bills were not posted for five days before taking a vote as he promised.  He doesn’t seem to recall a lot things.  I have to agree, he is a better liar than Bubba.

Question, why did the congress vote at night?  Answer, because sunlight is a disinfectant 🙂

I also recall Chuckie Schumer telling a constituent he would not bother with reading the bill.  He would need five lawyers to explain it to him.  Chuckie is an attorney by the way.   He couldn’t even read and comprehend the bill.  That says a lot for the process.  It also leads to the ultimate question, how can you, and your party, vote for something you cannot read and do not understand?  Oh well, our government at work, or not 🙂


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