NASA Primary Mission To Change

I just read Ms Pamela Geller’s article ‘Obama’s War on Science’ over at big journalism.  I cannot believe the money this administration will waste in an attempt to prop up a ‘hoax’.  Here is a link to the article.

I have long been a critic of global warming theories.  I began this fight against junk science in 1999.  When Mann produced his hockey stick graph I told everyone it was missing historical warming events and everyone would look at me like I was insane and would try to steer towards the short bus.

My degree is in Engineering.  If engineers processed data and conducted analysis in the same fashion that global warming alarmist have used to concoct their extremist theories, our world would be falling in on top of us.  Buildings, bridges, etc.. would collapse under their own weight.  Cars, trucks, airplanes etc… would explode or simply fall apart. None of our major weapons systems would work.  These people are not scientist.  They are political propagandists looking to make a quick dollar off the ingnorance of others.  In the Old West they were commonly referred to as snake oil salesmen.


Mr. Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit published this little nugget of global warming deciept title Climate Chielf Knew About Bogus Glacier Data Before Copenhagen.


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