The Myth of Right Wing Hate

It has always amazed me how the left portrays the right as hate filled and un-compassionate.  A quick study indicates just the opposite.  People on the right are more generous, honest, respectful and caring.  While the left will offer themselves generously for political and social change issues, they do not often concern themselves with the welfare of their fellow-man if there is nothing in it for them.  They prefer government programs to honest charity.  This is evidenced by the fact that the bible belt donates more to charity than the rest of the country yet draws far less income.

I lifted this video from YouTube.   It’s from Kathleen Stewart’s CD “Take Back America.”

As an aside, the millionaire Al Gore donated a little over three hundred dollars to charity during his last year as VP.  Yet he asks for trillions in public tax dollars for his global warming scam.  Tax and Crush legislation will make him a billionaire.  Even then this icon of the left will give little back to the people he takes so generously from.


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