Van Jones Loves Glenn Beck

February 28, 2010

Is Van Jones attempting to clean up his image for some future endeavor?  A run for public office maybe?

During his award acceptance speech at the NAACP Mr. Van Jones had this to say about Glenn Beck.  “I see you and I love you Brother, and there is nothing you can do about it”.

You may recall during Van Jones recent employment at the Obama White House, he publicly attacked Glenn Beck of Fox News.  Mr. Beck responded by outing Mr. Van Jones as a devout communist and a 9/11 truther.  The public exchange damaged Mr. Jones with, many high level officials asking for his resignation.  Mr. Jones later resigned due to the controversy.

In the video, when he makes reference to someone out there,  it seems to me that he comes off as a bit of a TV evangelist.  I kept expecting him to pray for healing.  But, that is just my take.

Overall, I thought this part of it was excellent 🙂


CNN Asks Nine Meters In English Please

February 28, 2010

During an interview with Dr. Kurt Frankel of the Georgia Institute of Technology CNN’s Rick Sanchez asked Dr. Frankel to convert nine meters to English.

As Dr. Frankel was explaining that a nine meter drop in the ocean level would not necessarily mean there would be a corresponding nine meter increase in ocean level, Mr. Sanchez interrupted asking, “By the way, nine meters in English is?” 

Coast Guard Reports No Significant Damage In Hawaii

February 28, 2010

HONOLULU — U.S. Coast Guard crews completed port and waterways overflight assessments throughout the Main Hawaiian Islands and have found no significant damage as a result of the tsunami originating from the earthquake in Chile.

Coast Guard crews from Air Station Barbers Point conducted aerial assessments for potential persons in distress, port and waterway damage and pollution threats. Coast Guard boats and cutters, stationed out of Sand Island, also were underway during this threat to respond to any distress calls.

Capt. Barry Compagnoni, Captain of the Port, Honolulu, re-opened  the Port of Honolulu to vessel traffic at about 2 p.m. Hundreds of vessels, including two cruise ships, remained off the south shore of Oahu during the port’s closure.

“The Coast Guard appreciates the tremendous cooperation from the recreational and commercial boating community throughout Hawaii,” said Capt. David Swatland, the 14th Coast Guard District’s chief of response. “Hundreds of vessel owners proactively took the necessary and judicious steps to ensure the safety and security of their crews, their vessels and Hawaii’s maritime transportation system.”

“Coast Guard search and rescue planners worked extremely well today with their local, state and federal partners to ensure the safety and security of Hawaii’s maritime community,” said Compagnoni. “While our thoughts and prayers are with those devastated by this tragic earthquake, I’m extremely proud of the men and women who worked so diligently today to be astute guardians of the maritime environment.”

February 28, 2010

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Tea Party Marks One Year Anniversary

February 26, 2010

Can you believe it has been a year already?  So much has changed.

A year ago the GOP was rudderless, having lost the house, the senate and the oval office.   There were bailouts, stimulus, son of stimulus, and universal health care on the horizon.  Then, on that day, something changed.

On the 27th of February 2009 the citizens decided they have had enough.  They came together.  Conservatives, libertarians and independent activists from all walks of life, from all around the country, they rose up in protest against what they saw as a big-government takeover of our American way of life.

When Rick Santelli took the floor at the Chicago Commodities exchange to vent his anger of a democrat proposal to bail out mortgage owner’s who bought more than they could afford, he uttered the words that would start a movement.   A moment in history where a voice carried from sea to shining sea.

“We’re thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July,” Santelli said. “All you capitalists that want to show up to Lake Michigan, I’m going to start organizing.”

His voice carried like those of Patrick Henry or Thomas Paine.  People heard the call.  Urged on by their patriotic spirit, and a firm belief in America, they began to take action.  They organized, they marched, they protested.  

Though at first largely ignored, and then mislabeled, by the Main Stream Media, the movement began to take hold and grow.  Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers from every faith, every race and political persuasion.  They took up their homemade signs and made their voices heard around the world.  The movement made history.

As the Tea Party movement celebrates its’ first year the movement continues to grow stronger.  Though many in government and media turn a myopic eye and a tin ear to the will of the people, the failure to heed the Tea Party call will be the ultimate undoing of their anti-American agenda. 

As the liberal Democrats and a condescending president continue to plan the government takeover of the healthcare system they fail to realize that they are only building upon the gallows of public unrest that will soon overtake them and return power to the people.

Happy Birthday Tea Party.  You’re not only making history, you are making those patriots that came before very proud.

GOP Has Anti-CIA Bill Pulled

February 26, 2010

From Newsmax .  This is the type of thing that makes you wonder who’s side the Democrats are on.  They do not support the people, or the tools, that this country so desperately needs to fight this war on terror.  Do they believe they will achieve success in November when it will most likely be a heavily populated Democrat area that will be hit by a senseless terror act.

U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich., the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, issued the following statement after leading a successful Republican effort that forced Democrats to pull their flawed annual intelligence bill over language Democrats inserted that targeted CIA and intelligence community officers by creating a new criminal offense that would apply only to them.

The provision was inserted into the bill late last night, without any consideration by the House Intelligence Committee or consultation with Republicans or the intelligence agencies it would negatively impact.

“This was a hard-fought victory for the men and women of the intelligence community that toil day and night to keep America safe. That Democrats would try to bury this provision deep in the bill, late at night, when they thought everyone’s attention would be focused on the health care summit is a testament to the shameful nature of what they were attempting.

“Republicans brought this to the attention of the American people, who were rightly outraged that Democrats would try to target those we ask to serve in harm’s way and with a unified push we were successful in getting them to pull the bill. The annual intelligence bill should be about protecting and defending our nation.”

Thankfully, the GOP stopped them.  This time.

Will The MSM Show The Same Outrage When Obama Extends The Patriot Act

February 26, 2010

Do you remember all the outrage over the USA Patriot Act?  The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS and a host of others all outraged that our constitutional rights were being taken away by the evil President Bush.

Do you think the MSM would show the same outrage if the Democrat controlled congress attempted to extend this outrageous law?   Apparently not.

On Thursday, the House voted 315 to 97 to extend the USA Patriot Act. Without the bill, the provisions would expire Sunday.

The Senate approved the extension Wednesday.

Senate Democrats attempted to add privacy restrictions to the bill, but could not muster the 60 votes necessary.

Also thrown away were Democrat inserted restrictions and greater scrutiny on the government’s authority to spy on Americans and seize their records.

You would think with the recent Fort Hood terrorist attack, the Christmas Underwear Bomber and other security issues that have diminished the public’s trust in the Democrats ability to protect the nation, that they would not attempt to make it even easier for terrorist than they already have.

But, of course they have the MSM providing cover for them. 

President Obama is expected to sign the extension into law next week.