Are You A Tenther

Happy Monday 🙂  I know, it doesn’t work for me either.   Thus my little attempt at humor in this post.

I received this little questionnaire thing in my e-mail.  It is from Newsmax asking me if I am a Tenther .   Basically, do I believe the government is too big and has stretched beyond the powers granted it by our Constitution. 

Obviously I agree with the concerns and issues that the tenthers outline.  However, it being Monday I have to poke just a little bit of fun at the questions being asked.  Here are the lead in questions.  Along with my response.  Hope this lightens the day for you 🙂

Are you frightened, confused, or just plain outraged by the sheer size, cost, and arrogance of the federal government?

Frightened?  No, I work for the government, the majority of them are panty waists that couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the directions were on the bottom.

Confused?  Hey, I just said ‘I work for the government’, what do you think.

Outraged by the size, cost and arrogance?  Pure incompetence at this level takes talent.  We need a large government to make sure there are enough Lemmings to follow our glorious leaders off the cliff.  It gives the appearance of consent.  As to the cost, when only one in ten actually perform a useful function, you have to pay the other nine to show up and hide the incompetence of the one actually working.  As to the arrogance, that is generously provided by our astute attorneys.  Their job is to disagree with everything the one working attempts to do, slow down the entire process, re-write our work in order to provide the least understandable document possible, then release all our secrets to The New York Times.  They not only help us decrease work output, they greatly increase the costs of government as they are currently the largest group in government.   After all, the pure definition of ‘gross incompetence’ is 144 lawyers.

Have you ever asked: Where is that power delegated in the Constitution?

Uh, Yeah. I’ve asked, but the majority of our government attorneys did not graduate anywhere near the top of the class.  Heck, most of them couldn’t follow the instructions for heating a poptart, much less could they reference a historical document that is over 200 years old.  I had one attorney, while he was enjoying his nilla wafers (according to Ace retards love nilla wafers), explain to me that it wasn’t written in English and was very hard to understand.   Hmmm, as opposed to the ambiguous double speak incomprehensible garbage you change my work into, hmmm.   Or, maybe it is because The Constitution was written for the Human Race.

Do you think you and your neighbors can run your own lives better than some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.?

Gee, I don’t know.  A lot of my neighbors work for the government too.  They drive green vehicles.  I think a few of their children belong to the Hitler Obama Youth Program.  Notice it says belong, not involved with.  It is like a gang membership, once you sign up, the only way out is in a box, or prison.  Of course, being Lemmings, they need one drugged out 6Os reject to lead every one hundred or so.

Congratulations, you might be a Tenther. Maybe it’s time to stop looking at D.C. for the solution to our problems, and realize that D.C. actually is the problem.

Me a Tenther, who would have thought?   I’d like to thank my parents, my highschool football coach, my guidance counselor who said with hard work and government programs I could amount all the way to nothing.  Or, I could simply have that frontal lobotomy and become a government attorney.

Okay, this was just for fun.  Click on the links for a little extra entertainment, or education.  It is kind of like roulette.  Some links may be winners, some may be losers.  All in all, I’d rather go fishing with this guy.  Enjoy 🙂


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