A WMD Found In IRAQ ?

From the picture provided I am not sure what this is.   It is definitely some type of cruise missile.  The article suggests it is 7 meters in length. 

Early efforts have unearthed several WMDs in Iraq.  Sarin gas being one of the most deadly. 

Unfortunately, our media has taught the public to associate Weapons of Mass Destruction with nuclear bombs.   Until we find a live Nuke, the uninformed will continue to believe that we did not unearth WMDs in Iraq.

For the record one chemical warhead, loaded with a couple of gallons of Sarin, could easily kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.   A drop of Sarin that would fit on the end of sewing needle could kill the healthiest of us.  Now imagine a Sarin mist cloud settling down over a city.  I would call that a weapon of mass destruction.

God knows what else the deserts of Iraq may be hiding.


One Response to A WMD Found In IRAQ ?

  1. xbradtc says:

    Looks like either a Soviet SS-2-N Styx or Chinese Silkworm cruise missile, primarily used as an anti-ship weapon.

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