I finally got up the nerve to venture outside and dig around in the snow.   I made a path through the deck and into yard for dogs.  They now have a small patch of grass to do their business in.  You can see from the pics they do not look happy 🙂

Taking Care of Business

They Came Back Quick, Wonder Why 🙂

Opening the garage was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I had to go out through the garage.  All the doors were blocked with snow.  The vehicle on the right looks like some type of hopped up SUV.  It is actually a Ford Escape Hybrid with a ton of snow on top.

Looking Out My Garage Door

I made it out almost to the end of the driveway, turned around and shot a few more pics.

Looking Back At The Garage From The Driveway

My Humble Snow Bound Home

I managed to finish the driveway, walkway and front porch.  I still have a hundred plus feet of sidewalks to do tomorrow.  I quit shortly after dark and went for a soak in a hot tub of water.  It will be tough getting started tomorrow 🙂


3 Responses to SNOW WAS MORE FUN IN MY YOUTH :-)

  1. Hello, Sir Knob…er, would you prefer ‘Mr. Knob’?

    In 1978 a forecast of flurries got mowed down by a raging blizzard that left 48-56 inches in northern Rhode Island. When I opened my garage door I found my sister’s Toyota covered just as your Ford is (was). All driving was suspended for a week. Imagine – no OPEC’d gas prices (60 cents in 1978), no homewrecking slavedriving bosses…and people got walking and meeting neighbors for the first time, local shopping (on foot) was fun, no noisy traffic. Just clean air and lots of photo opportunities.

    Peace On Earth. For a WHOLE WEEK!!

    The highway crews were the real heroes of the period, and in those days the plowed roads were left CLEAN. Not dirtied with sand/salt like they’ve been doing ever since then.

    I did plenty of shoveling, too. But the WHOLE WEEK was Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Thanks from Ralph,, hitting my 60th year in mid-March. Cheers!

  2. sirknob says:

    Hi Ralph,

    I hope this finds you well and in good spirits 🙂 Thank you for the friendly comments.

    I was in New London CT for the storm of 1978 you mentioned. I was working in the motor pool at the Coast Guard Academy. We had so much snow we could not keep it off the roads. It was dry. We would plow it off, the wind would blow it back on. We ended up loading it in dump trucks and dumping it in the river.

    I remember flipping the engine in a Dodge 1 ton power truck. The snow was so heavy that both motor mounts broke. They closed the state down and I was one of the few allowed to drive.

    Just goes to show it is a small world 🙂 Thanks again, I hope you and yours have a really great day. Happy 60th 🙂

  3. Yes SIR!!

    By the way, my blog is “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!”, and there is a page titled “About Me”. I have a slide/photo scanner: if it works with Windows 7 there will be some additional pictures of me in my younger days, including two or three from the Blizzard of ’78. Next week.

    Yesterday’s storm stayed south of here, maybe Wednesday…

    Ralph in Cumberland RI. 😀

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