Rescue Randy Makes Ultimate Sacrifice

My Fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart, that I report to you today, the untimely end to one Rescue Randy. 

Rescue Randy, responsible for helping educate untold thousands of boat crews, was taken away from us during a simple training exercise.   He was calmly floating in the sea playing victim for a ‘man overboard’ exercise when something went awfully wrong.  Was it a miscalculation, an error in judgement, a mechanical failure or simply bad driving?   Who knows, but ultimately Rescue Randy met his end when the vessel attempting to recover him sucked him up into the propellers.

Rescue Randy’s remains could not be recovered as sea, his torso and legs being wrapped around the vessel’s port propeller, recovery would have to wait until the vessel was hauled from the water.   The enclosed picture tells it all.  I apologize for graphic detail.

Rescue Randy is survived by his father Oscar Manoverboard, his many sisters Respiration Annies and several brothers, Joe Crashtestdummys, his fellow rescue props and training dummies and that poor abused daredevil from Mythbusters.

Yes, this Rescue Randy has left us, but usable parts of him will live on in future Rescue Randys 🙂

For those of you missing the humor.  This was a training dummy (no offense Emanuel) that is utilized to train boat crews in the art of recovering people from the water.  Now you know why we no longer use live people 🙂


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