Thin Postings

Hello fellow travelers 🙂  I did not get a chance to post the last day due to traveling.  First my flight out of DC was cancelled.  I finally got a connecting flight through St. Louis.  I arrived here in New Orleans around 7PM local time.  They lost my luggage, go figure.

I had to wait an hour and a half for the hotel shuttle.  Apparently the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl 🙂  They decided to have a small party and invited most of the state.  Getting to the hotel was a bit of a chore as all the streets were blocked with people and police cars.  I never caught a glimpse of the parade, but other told me it was fantastic.  I imagine a good portion of the people partying in the streets did not see the parade either.  James, the shuttle driver, managed to manuever through the crowds and I finally got to the hotel around 11PM.  No luggage, no food,  but they did save my reservation.

Well, tomorrow I have to speak in front of a crowd of people with no dress clothes, no clean clothes even, except for the socks that I just washed out in the bathroom sink.  I am sure they will appreciate me in carpenter’s jeans and tennis shoes.  Thank God  my shirt at least has a collar on it.  Though it is green & blue striped. 

I am staying at the convention center Hilton.  When I asked for a complimentary kit at the front desk, after I explained that American Airlines lost my luggage, she said they were out.  She then pointed me to their 24 kiosk where I purchased one plastic shaver and a small tube of toothpaste for five bucks.  Gee, not wonder they are out of those comp kits.  Gotta love the extras you get with Hilton Hotels.  Anymore it is just a name that you pay for.

Anyway, I have to get up early, give my presentation, get involved in a back and forth.  Funny, when I went over the presentation I didn’t picture myself in jeans.   I hope my luggage shows up.  There are things I need in there and that was my favorite suit.

On the bright side.  I survived and will get another chance to tell all my favorite attorney jokes on stage 🙂


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