Are Crayons No Longer PC ?

My family room is ‘Yellow’, my wife is ‘Asian’, should she sue me for racial bias?

The latest in generated public outrage concerns the City of Atlanta’s Marta Rail.  A new line was to be named the ‘Yellow’ Line.   However, PC activists quickly enlisted the aid of the local press to remind the community of the racial issues connected with the name ‘Yellow.’  

Helen Kim, director of advocacy and education at the Center for Pan Asian Community Services was quick to point out that “Yellow” has historically been used as a derogatory term for Asians, such as “the yellow peril” or “the yellow hordes.”

Apparently, cowards that have often been referred to as ‘yellow’ were not asked for their opinion.

Though pre-canvasing of the local Asian Population indicated that few in the Asian Community would be offended by the action, published accounts in the local papers worked to outrage the Pan Asian Community into action and Marta folded by indicating it would name the new line ‘Gold’ instead of ‘Yellow.’  But, only until some PC group finds a reason to be offended and generates public outrage to change that name too.

One can’t help but notice the folly in caving to the PC crowd.  There are commuter trains named the ‘Yellow’ line in many of our major cities.  I have used the NYC subway ‘Yellow’ line and never once thought of it as a racial slur. 

As noted by Ms Kim, the use of a named color associated with a descriptor is what gives the appearance of racial bias.  For instance, She uses ‘Yellow Hoard’ in Her description.  She would be unable to offer an example of racial bias without adding something to the word.  ‘Yellow’ by itself is no more discriminatory than Black, White, Red, Brown, Tan or Pink. 

Do we outlaw children’s crayons based on the use of the names that describe the colors inside? 

Will this box become un-politically correct because of the name of the colors inside?  Will children be offended and have racists thoughts based on the use of this product?  Will be forced to obliterate all color from the face of the planet in order to appease a group of ‘racists’ hate mongers that seem to continually find issues where none existed and use them to outrage the pubic for their own gain?

How long before the Sharptons of the World unite to take crayons away from children?  If a simple color is now an offense, will they also outlaw its’ use in public? 

The PC crowd are the real racists in this World.  It is they that constantly manufacture racial issues where none exist.   It is they who constantly point out our racial difference with the intent to maintain racial divides, when we should be concentrating on what makes us all the same. 

Without the constant interference by the PC crowd, maybe, just maybe we could all ignore our racial difference and concentrate on the fact that we are people.  Maybe we could get past all this racial bull if the PC crowd would just go mind their own business and let us work on what makes us all the same.  We have the same wants, needs and desires. 

Personally, I desire to live in a World with crayons.


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