The Road To Serfdom

John Stossel explores why too much government will take away The American Dream and lead us all to serfdom.

When we reach the point where 51% of our population is dependent upon government programs we will not longer be a free nation.  The 51% will simply vote for whoever offers them the most free benefits.  The rest of us will work for the government or government co-ops.

Great Britain is a perfect example.  Approximately 20% of the population supports the other 80%.  France is pretty much a lost cause.  

Russia on other hand may have learned their lesson.  They recently drafted a new constitution with the intent to guarantee free enterprise.

Obama, his socialist agenda stalled, is planning to force his unpopular programs on the American Public with executive powers.

When the Founding Fathers wrote our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, they did so on the belief that our rights were granted to us by our Creator.  In denying the Creator one must accept that his/her rights are guaranteed by the Government.  What the Government gives, the Government can take away.  Is it any wonder that the Democrats agenda has consistently supported chasing God away from the public square?


3 Responses to The Road To Serfdom

  1. […] To sum things up, illegal immigration saves unethical business money, while boosting the number of welfare recipients and the cost of healthcare.  It places an undue burden on local government, which must provide schooling for children, infrastructure, public services, etc… with public tax dollars.  All the while it reduces the number of employed citizens paying tax dollars into the public fund.   This is Socialism on steriods and, if left uncontrolled, will provides the same results that Socialism has historically provided.  A two class system consisting of the Social Elites and the Serfs. […]

  2. […] Climate change is a marriage between environmentalists, unethical businessmen (Gore, Soros, others) and Social Elites.  Their plan is simple, the environmentalists want to send us all back to the stone age.  They prefer wildlife to human life.  The unethical businessmen want to make money.  And the Social Elites simply want to control everything we do in our lives.  A two tier system.  Social Elites & their enforcers, and the Serfs. […]

  3. […] Mr Connolly is a tried and true Socialist Politician.  He will say, or do, anything to get reelected and, if successful, will once again turn a deaf ear to those he was elected to represent.  He will continue to vote away our Constitutional Rights and think nothing of supporting a Socialist Elite cast system that will lead the majority of us down The Road To Serfdom . […]

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