Illegal Immigrants Still Working With Federal Approval

Here is an article from The Daily Journal reporting that 14 illegal immigrants were picked up at a work site in Farmington.   Apparently they were involved in the construction of a new Hampton Inn.

According to St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock

“Our Chief Deputy Greg Armstrong sent a couple of deputies to the construction site on Saturday,” Bullock said. “Why he sent them I’m not real sure. But when they arrived, the workers scattered and took off on foot. Four of the illegal immigrants were taken into custody at the site, the rest scattered throughout Farmington.”

Sheriff Bullock goes on to explain that federal authorities have ordered the release of 13 of the 14 illegal immigrants captured.  Apparently, one of the 14 is being held in connection with warrants for other crimes.

He also shares his digust with the actions taken by federal authorities and his dismay at local unemployment.

Bullock said he is upset with the Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services along with the contractor who is building the Hampton Inn.

“I’m not happy about this at all,” he said. “I heard just this past week that the unemployment rate in St. Francois County is 11 percent. That’s really high. Here we have illegal immigrants brought in to our county taking jobs away from people right here that they could have. Then we are told to release them. The contractor that is building the hotel is from Texas. So the money from building this hotel is going back to Texas and Mexico. I am really upset about this.”

While one in ten US citizens are looking for work, illegal immigrants appear to be doing just fine.  If you follow the link to the article please read some of the attached comments from concerned citizens.   Not surprising you will discover that there is an abundant use of illegal labor in the Farmington area.

Of course this is an intential action by the Feds .  With the upcoming census the number of illegal immigrants will be used to draw new districts lines, increase the number of congressional seats and also increase the number of Democrat voters, either legally through legislation, or illegally through groups like ACORN.  Do not expect any movement by the Feds towards immigration enforcement as it would go against current administration goals.

The use of illegal immigrant labor is against the law.  However, it has become a marriage for unethical business and democrat officials.  An illegal immigrant  worker usually does not pay taxes, is not a member of a union, cannot complain about working conditions, safety, pay, long hours, abuses, lack of medical care, etc… allowing the unethical business owner an advantage by allowing them to under bid contracts, due to lower labor costs, while still maintaining a good profit margin. 

The use of illegal immigrant labor supports the Socialist agenda of the contollers of the Democrat Party by increasing the number of low income people in controlled areas.  Thus increasing the need for federal and public tax dollars to support social programs.  Illegal immigrants consistently vote Democrat and they can be controlled through threat of deportation, or exposure.  This is modern day slavery at its’ worst.  

To sum things up, illegal immigration saves unethical business money, while boosting the number of welfare recipients and the cost of healthcare.  It places an undue burden on local government, which must provide schooling for children, infrastructure, public services, etc… with public tax dollars.  All the while it reduces the number of employed citizens paying tax dollars into the public fund.   This is Socialism on steriods and, if left uncontrolled, will provide the same results that Socialism has historically provided.  A two class system consisting of the Social Elites and the Serfs.

NOTE:  I am pro-immigration.  Our country has a need for skilled engineers and medical professionals.  I am anti-illegal immigration.   Our country does not need the increased tax burden of under paid immigrant slave labor that further decrease taxes paid while increasing unemployment rates.


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