While I cannot say I am addicted to Profitanium, I do like collecting it. 

Profitanium, I first heard the word used on Red Eye  .  Though Profitanium is a non-existant term, when you think of it in relation to what is at stake in our current struggle, it makes perfect sense.

Working my way up in life I remember it in stages.  The first stage was the penny stage.  That was the time when the day before payday I would gather up all the pennies and hope to have enough to buy gas to get to work.  Often, I would write a check for cash at the local grocers gambling that I would deposit my paycheck before it bounced.

The second stage was breaking even on paydays and actually having a positive balance, though only pennies,  in my checking account.

The third, and worst stage, was the credit card stage.  Something I often refer to as the stage of financial ruin.  I found myself using a credit card for purchases when I had the cash in my pocket.  Of course my debt skyrocketed and it took several years to correct the problems I created and get myself out of credit card debt.

The fourth stage was the stage of equilibrium.  Basically, I could buy lunch on payday before I cashed my paycheck.  I had no savings or investments, but other than the house and car, I had no personal debts.

The fifth stage sort of crept up on me.  That was the stage where I stopped living from payday to payday.  I had the money to cover all my debts plus a little extra.   I could treat people to lunch, toss a couple of bucks into the Salvation Army bucket with no worries.   I had a small nest egg and could plan for major purchases.  It took me over 2o years to reach this stage.

I should mention here the drift stage.  The drift stage occurs when something unexpected came up, or I did something really stupid.  The end result was returning to an earlier stage.   Sometimes I ate steak, sometimes I ate mac and cheese.

Stage six I call the peace of mind stage.  I found the more generous I became, the more rewards I reaped.   I still work just as hard and I have a large mortgage, but no other debts.   I have a few investments, savings and emergency funds.  I pay more  taxes in one year than I previously made in five.   I have peace of mind in knowing that I have a bit of Profitanium to see me through a rainy day.

The seventh stage, if I make it there, will be enjoying a comfortable retirement.   I hope and pray I make there.  Current trends and politics designed to take away the Profitanium I have earned could easily find me back at stage one.

The Democrats, Socialists, Greenies and Foreign Interest are on the attack.  Their goal is take Profitanium away from the American People.  Their envious goal is to keep Profitanium for themselves.  Something they can use to award and regulate policies to further their own interests.  

Normally, Profitanium is acquired through hard work and sacrifice.   However, the Socialist Regime that currently resides at 9000 Pennsylvania Avenue has found it is much easier to simply take Profitanium away from those that have earned it and re-distribute it to their friends and allies.   

Because they are jealous, envious and too lazy to earn Profitanium on their own, they must further their goal by denying the ability to manufacture Profitanium to the general public.  Profitanium is power and gives them control.   Thus, only they and the social elite shall have it.

Protect your Profitanium my friends.  You earned it.  Working together we will find a way to keep it in spite of those who refuse to earn it for themselves.

Protitanium is the American Way 🙂


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