Tea Party People Of Color

While MSNBC seeks to change the debate through lies and hate by making accusations that there are no ‘People of Color’ (their term not mine) associated with the Tea Party movement, Randy Haddock responds with the following video.

While I could write copious comments on what the video does not capture, Mr. Haddock has done a great job  addressing the issues on his web site 🙂  Here is just a taste of Mr. Haddock’s well founded insight 🙂

So last night that race-peddlin’ buffoon over at MSNBC… wait, that’s pretty much everyone on that network. Let me be more specific. OK, so, last night Keith Olbermann used his self-parodying Special Comment segment to ask the following question: Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties? Now, implying and outright saying that Tea Party protesters are racist is commonplace in the far left. No news there. But two things in particular bother me about his question:

Please share with those that care 🙂


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