Ann Coulter at CPAC 2010

Ann Coulter’s answering questions after speech at CPAC today.

I haven’t been able to link to the actual speech yet.  Here are some highlights taken from TownHall‘s Jillian Bands.

On health care:
I’m likely in favor of national health care if it would require all Democrats to get their heads examined.

On job creation:
Sarah Palin has created more jobs than Obama has. She created eleven jobs at the AP just fact checking for the Palin autobiography.

On John Edwards and Joe Biden:
Why couldn’t Obama have picked someone respectable as his running mate, like John Kerry did? But even Edwards has already accomplished more than Joe Biden did. Edwards may go down as the man who got the National Enquirer its first Pulitzer Prize.

On cap-and-trade:
The downside of cap-and-trade is that if it passes, your energy bill will go through the roof, and the upside is that DC will see snow again.

According to Ms Bands, Ann Coulter drew the largest crowd at CPAC.


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