Breitbart Calls NYT Reporter Despicable

On Feb 18th at CPAC Andrew Breitbart calls out New York Times reporter Kate Zernike.  He tells her that she is a despicable human being.

Mr Breitbart’s comments were in response to an article written by Ms Zernike where she made racists accusations against CPAC.  She went on to attack Jason Mattera from HotAir accusing him of using a ‘Chris Rock’ voice to mock African-Americans.

The video gets interesting around the 6 minute mark.

For the record, both Jason Mattera and Chris Rock are from Brooklyn NY.  What Ms Zernike proclaims is a mocking voice is Mr. Mattera’s normal Brooklyn accented voice.

How low will the New York Times go to support their political agenda ?


One Response to Breitbart Calls NYT Reporter Despicable

  1. Robert Feeley says:

    Breaking News on Harry Reid – SPN Headlines Exclusive:

    Have a great day! 🙂

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