Breitbart Unloads On Smear Merchant Blumenthal

Andrew Breitbart unloaded on Max Blumenthal in regards to a hit piece Blumenthal authored on Salon describing independent journalist James O’Keefe as a white-supremacist racist.

Mr Blumenthal fabricated his idea based on an event Mr. O’Keefe had attended in 2006.  Blumenthal described the event as a white-supremacist event and made claims that Mr. O’Keefe sponsored a table that sold racist literature.

Only problem is, it was not a white-supremacist event.  It was an event that featured a debate on race and conservatism attended by conservatives and racist radicals.

Mr. Kevin Martin, a black conservative who attended the event, spoke up in Mr. O’Keefe’s defense after the Salon article published.  “James and I spoke during the event, he voiced personal support for me and my positions. He also repudiated the radical elements in the room that night.”

Salon eventually had to print a public retraction of Mr. Blumenthal’s accusations of racism.

In the video you will hear (listen closely it is somewhat confusing) him repeat his accusation of racism.   Members of the crowd were quick to pounce on the accusation once Mr. Breitbart had walked away.

This is just another fine example of what is wrong with modern journalism today.  They cannot report facts, or truth, they can only make news fit their agenda.  Is it any wonder that over 70% of the public does not trust media?


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