Virginia Sheriffs Oppose Unionization

The Virginia Sheriffs Association is circulating a petition against U.S. Senate Bill S. 1611 . 

U.S. Senate Bill S. 1611s, the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2009, purpose is to provide collective bargaining rights for public safety officers employed by states or local governments.  It directs the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) to determine whether a state substantially provides for specified rights and responsibilities for public safety officers.

Virginia Sheriffs claim the bill will transfers power from the voters to powerful unions and create potential public safety risks by stripping an elected Sheriff’s of the authority to fire poor performing public safety officers.

According to Prince William County Sheriff Glendell Hill “S.1611 would make it all but impossible for me to root out poor performing, even corrupt, law enforcement officers, as unions would be given unprecedented bargaining power.”

Under S.1611 state and local governments would no longer be able to implement, or adopt, policies that may work best for them.  Current policies would be nullified and replaced with union demanded, one size fits all, policies that may not meet the needs of every locality.

While S.1611 does not allow public safety officers to strike, it does not prevent sick-outs, work slowdowns, or other actions that have the potential to create risks to public safety.

Union demands for additional concessions and benefits would ultimately increase property taxes while reducing, if not preventing,  public safety efforts.

Like the military, public safety officers should be expected to respond to each situation based on the nature of the event and not be limited in their response by union rules or threat of union retaliation.

Time and again we are flabbergasted by news reports of ambulances that do not respond because they are on a union mandated break, union security officials that watch as a gang beats a young girl unconscious because they are not allowed by union rules to intervene.  Do we not accept that our law enforcement officers may, or may not, respond due to union rules?  Will unions determine what crimes will be enforced?  Will a police officer be prevented from adapting to a situation because a union rep says no?  

I think not.  Do not support this bill.  Contact your Senators today.  Tell them not to support Senate Bill S. 1611.

Note:  Unions across the public spectrum are proven to increase costs while providing less services.   While unions, at one time, were necessary to provide safe working conditions, fair pay and benefits, many of their past issues were taken off the table with the creation of the U. S. Department of Labor.

Modern unions have become multi-million dollar political action groups intent on a political agenda that increases the power of the union, fills the union coffers and takes control the businesses they force to hire union employees.

The end result is business can no longer be competitive on a regional or global scale.

Unions and over the top environmentalism are the number one and number two reasons businesses are forced to move their operations out of the U. S.


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  1. Incredibly good work within the points about basic safety.

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