When Baggage Handlers Go Bad

I just can’t wait to check my bag and see what happens.

Gee, I can believe he missed such an easy over the back lay-up.

Aww, I think she is just five hours and one minute into her 5 hour energy drink.

Hmm, looks like a really bad game of yours and mine?

That will them to bring a red polka dot bag to my airport.

I think he just like to see how high they can bounce.

He was just dragging this one along as an example to the others he was trying to corral.

Of course, on video on bad luggage handling would be complete without a comparison of good luggage handling.  Like the crew I always get working at the Reagan National Airport in DC.

Oops, sorry that may have been TSA looking for my toothpaste, or congress working in the health care bill, or maybe it was my baggage handlers afterall.  Come to think of it, they all work about the same 🙂


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