As Al Gore Continues To Defend His Investment

By now most of you have heard or read Al Gore’s op-ed in the Fish Wrap of Record (The New York Times) stating we can’t wish away climate change.   I believe this is a desperate move by Mr. Gore to protect his heavy investments in the carbon trading industry.  As the Telegraph has noted, Mr. Gore will be the first carbon billionaire if cap-and-trade makes it way into law.  Mr. Gore has already pocketed over one  hundred million from his Global Warming fear mongering.  

It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

Fear mongering statements like this have consequences.  Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit published an article today titled ‘Baby Survives Three Days With Shot In Her Chest After Parents Commit Global Warming Suicide’.  Unfortunately her two year old brother did not survive.

Clifton B at Another Black Conservative published an article ‘Its time to wish Al Gore into the corn field.’

While US media continues to ignore and not report the mounting evidence of deceit on the part of global warming alarmist, the British Press is all over the incoming reports on the IPCC deception and the lie that is global warming, or climate change as they now prefer to call it.

In Al Gore’s op-ed he claims that there are only ‘two minor’ errors in thousands of pages of documentation that ‘prove’ the planet is warming.  This of itself is another lie.  A bold-faced lie that is proven by documentation, or lack there of.

Mr. Mann’s hockey stick graph was manipulated.  It not only cherry picked data, but the tree ring data included on the graph mysteriously falls off at the point it would have indicated temperatures were declining.  Mr. Mann’s hockey stick  ignores the Medieval Warming period and for some reason excludes the 1930s heat wave.   When in fact the 1930s were hotter than the 1990s.  The 1930s being the hottest decade on record and having the two of the highest annual temperatures on record.  That would make 1998 the third hottest year on record.

We were told the ice is melting in the polar caps and mountain regions, the sea levels are on the rise and will wipe out all coastal areas.  It didn’t happen, in fact the Alps are doing fine, as are most mountain caps and ski resorts.

Later we find our own government under reporting polar ice coverage and in fact we are actually gaining polar ice.

The IPCC, which is steadily losing credibility, has been forced to admit they have no data to base their claims of global warming on.  The original data does not exist and much of the data used to draw support for international treaties is error ridden and never was vetted by science. 

Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit later admitted that there has been no warming in the last 15 years.

The IPCC also claimed that Africans would starve as their food supplies ran out due to droughts caused by global warming.  In fact, African farms are doing fine and possibly threatened by too much rain.  Food problems in Africa continue to be more a political problem than a farming issue.

Our own government told us told to expect an increase in both the number and intensity of  hurricanes, more droughts, increasing temperatures, etc.. due to global warming .  It didn’t happen.

They told us the Amazon Rain Forest was declining due to global warming.  We later find, there was no scientific study done, they simply took the word of the World Wildlife Federation and used a term paper drafted by one of their students as the basis of their claims.  The decline of the rainforest has nothing to do with global warming.  The decline in the rainforest is due to logging, which is another issue.

In fact, nothing the Global Warming/Climate Change alarmist have predicted has occurred.  There is no indication it will occur.  The facts are, everything they told us was based on lies and manipulation.  The question is why?  The answer is very simple.

Climate change is a marriage between environmentalists, unethical businessmen (Gore, Soros, others) and Social Elites.  Their plan is simple, the environmentalists want to send us all back to the stone age.  They prefer wildlife to human life.  The unethical businessmen want to make money.  And the Social Elites simply want to control everything we do in our lives.  A two tier system.  Social Elites & their enforcers, and the Serfs.

Al Gore and the people who support his agenda, are terrorists.  There I said it.  Their ambitions to enrich and empower themselves while destroying this nation are every bit as dangerous as the intentions of Osama and his radical Islam Terrorists.

While Climategate continues to unfold in the international press, we hear nothing but crickets chirping on the issue in the US main stream media.  The White House is staffed with environuts, communist, social elites and self-serving money hungry  wall street millionaires, all bent on pushing cap-and-trade into law.  All to benefit themselves. 

The passing of cap & trade laws in this country will affect every living thing.  The cost of doing anything will go up exponentially.  The money will go to support special interests and the continued lifestyle of the rich and famous.

They know that global warming is a hoax.  They do not care.  They will continue to live their high-class, jetting around the world, lifestyles.   They will punish Americans with laws that will destroy what manufacturing we have left and leave us totally dependent on foreign nations for energy needs, food, clothing and basic necessities.

They are already in plotting stages for their next big hoax.  The global dirt shortage.

We need to stop feeding the ignorance that is perpetuating the global warming hoax.  We need to stop the brain washing of our children in public schools and on college campuses.  Share this knowledge with them.  Share this knowledge with others.  An informed public makes informed decisions.  

Many of our elected officials, on both sides of the aisle, are determined to pass cap and tax.  Let them know you are informed, it is a hoax, you are angry and they will pay for their support in the coming elections. 

We cannot depend on the government controlled main stream media.  They march to the orders of the social elites that control them.

I have been fighting the hoax that is global warming since 1999.  Its time for every thinking American to get involved and make a difference before it’s too late.  Thank you.


One Response to As Al Gore Continues To Defend His Investment

  1. TooMuchTime says:

    SirKnob, check out the speeches at Michael Crichton’s website. Very good stuff about how consensus is not science and we have more pressing problems than a phony global warming scare.

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