A Few Things Obama Left Out Of His Healthcare Reconciliation Speech

Well it certainly looks like Obama intends on ramming this thing through regardless of the damage to the country, not to mention his party.    Senator McConnell’s response below goes into details Obama and the White House controlled media will not tell you.  

This bill is a 2.5 trillion dollar disaster.  It will only cover 5 million US citizens.  It will cover 20 million illegal immigrants that do not pay taxes.  Do not believe the 40 million lie.  Many of those people already qualify for other programs such as Medicaid and medicare.  Only 5 million US citizens will be covered.  The remainder are the ones that can afford insurance and have decided to do something different with the money.  They will now be forced to buy insurance.

The bill is full of illegal bribes.  Bribes to the insurance industry, special interest groups, big pharma and bribes for the support of senators and congressmen.  There are no savings in this bill.  None, zippo, squat it will not do anything to lower the deficit, or save working people money.  In fact, it will do just the opposite.

This bill will increase insurance costs for all paying Americans.  It will not increase insurance costs for non paying Americans, or illegal immigrants.   Medicaid taxes must increase to pay for the additional people covered, plus the illegal immigrants.  This bill will kill jobs as small businesses are handicapped with employee insurance mandates.

While people go hungry in this nation.  While people are homeless and out of work.  While Socialist Billionaires are allowed to steal our homes to make a profit.  While American Indians freeze and starve to death on reservations, and families in the Appalachians are no better off, Obama and the socialists are spending 2.5 trillion dollars to take over American Health care.

Currently, no one in this country is going without health care.  No one is dying in the streets because hospitals will not treat them.  Yet this president and this congress, with the help of the government controlled media, are plotting to bankrupt the country by forcing their will upon the American Public.  Their intent to change America to a European style socialist nation is clear and concise.  They will push this no matter what the cost.

The American Public does not want this bill.  The American Public does not want the government running health care. 

No one on Pennsylvania avenue is listening, or even cares what the American Public wants.  His socialist ego is much to large to listen to the little people.   The fact is, he does not have to listen.

The only bright side is, I do not believe they have the votes to get the bill through the house.   But, with enough bribes, enough promises of 6 figure Stimulus funded jobs for those that do not get re-elected this fall, they will rapidly gain the votes they need.


America, next time, think before you vote.  Please.


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