Are There Two Republican Parties

Skip MacLure at Conservative Outpost seems to think so.   His post ‘A Tale of Two Republicans Parties’ draws a line between the New Conservative Movement and Republican RINOs.  

His post is a good read and includes a very good clip of President Reagan speaking of the aims of patriots.

While I have to agree that the voice of the Republican party is the new patriots led by the conservative tea party movement,  the fact is RINOs like Graham and McCain still hold sway with voters throughout the country. 

I personally believe Graham, like Snowe and Collins, is a hopeless case when it comes to conservative values.   It would not sadden me to see them voted out during the next election cycle.

McCain on the other hand, though he frustrates the heck out of me on social issues, is for the most part a fiscal conservative.  I believe he can be convinced to jump on the conservative band wagon.  He was my next to last choice as a candidate for president and I believe he never would have made it through the primary without the help of the lame stream media.  However, as a Senior Senator he still has some value to the party if he can be convinced to join the conservative movement that is spreading across this nation.

If the Republican Party is to succeed, it cannot do it as a divided party.  While I agree with Mr. MacLure that conservatives and conservative issues must be the focus of a reborn party, I would be reluctant to toss out those that still have some redeeming value to the party simply because I disagree with them on certain issues.

I am a Conservative Independent.   I often find my views far to the right of many in the Republican Party.   The creation of a Conservative Independent Party capable of challenging both Republicans and Democrats would be a long and time-consuming process.  This is time we conservatives do not have.  Better to find the ties that bind us and make us stronger, than cut loose those that may disagree with us on certain issues and lose for another generation.

I left the Democrat Party early in life because I could no longer associate with people who would not hear a difference of opinion.  They spoke of Freedoms, but they knew them not.  It was freedom of speech, freedom of the press, woman’s rights, freedom for this and that, but, speak against us, or point out our socialist values, and we will personally attack and destroy you.   There could be no difference of opinion in the ranks.

I truly hope the Republican Party does not make this same mistake.  If we only accept those that agree with us 100% of the time we become the socialist we most fear.


2 Responses to Are There Two Republican Parties

  1. I like some of your ideas in here. Let me take them and run with them.

    I am neither conservative nor liberal – I think both ideologies have their strengths and weaknesses. I can agree with you about the value of listening to many different opinions – and I currently see many good ideas in both parties. I guess that makes me both a RINO and a DINO, depending on who I am talking to.

    Rather than having an ideologically-rigid conservative party, why can’t we have a Pragmatic Party, that does things that are practical, affordable, effective, and don’t infringe on our Constitutional freedoms? I particularly think those Constitutional freedoms need to get respect including both left-freedoms like 4th amendment/privacy as well as right-freedoms like 2nd amendment bearing arms… There is no reason we can’t do them all… So now I could be a Libertarian/LINO too.

    I think the Republican party already made the mistakes of abandoning values / not tolerating difference of opinion. Republicans and conservatives have a lot of good ideas… but when they are in power, they tend to do everything else except implement their good ideas. Whatever happened to fiscal discipline during George W Bush or Ronald Reagan’s administrations? Whatever happened to getting the government off of the back of the common man? How does smaller less-invasive government lead to Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security?

    So what say? How about a party based on pragmatism?


  2. sirknob says:

    Hi, thanks for the response. You raise some great issues. I too find myself a bit a Libertarian. I prefer a smaller, less expensive, less controlling federal government.

    However, a federal government should provide for the common defense and protect the liberties so many have sacrificed for.

    Some see this as a green light for a nanny state, others see this as unrestricted business practices.

    The majority of the problems we face today have been created by government intruding into our personal lives. The question is, how do we stop it.

    President Reagan said ‘the closet thing to immortality is a government program’. Once you have decided to offer benefits, it becomes difficult to take them away. Neither Reagan nor Bush had the votes in congress to make the changes necessary to end the cradle to grave entitlements that our government has been steadily creating since the 1920s. Clinton, working with Gingrich, was able to make significant changes to our welfare system. Had Clinton been a Republican he may not have been successful, as both media and leftist would have intervened.

    I believe either party could be successful if they were fair and balanced and avoided being corrupted by the fringe issues. Socialism does not work, never has, never will. It always brings more pain and suffering, not mention it takes away individual rights. While pure capitalism works, if the rules are not evenly applied, ultimately you end up with a few winners and a majority of losers.

    During the tenure of the last Republican controlled congress they did not have the advantage of 60 votes in the Senate. They were forced to make concessions in order to get what they wanted. They lost fiscal discipline. They were not conservative enough. They did not put restrictions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They did not reduce the size of government. They did not fix the education system, save social security or make us energy independent. But, in truth they didn’t create those problems. The Democrats did. Still, I offer not excuses for them.

    In closing. If you are for a smaller government. Less government programs. An education system that teaches our children, not brain washes them. A limit on social programs. A fair and free market that rewards honest work. The freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.
    I am there with you 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

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