Hodge Podge Friday Around The Country News

Hello all, slow news day.  There may be  a lot going on, but nothing that hasn’t already been said by others.  So, in the true style of writer’s block, I will simply post a few links to other news items. 

Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid says “really good news, we only lost 39,000 jobs last month”.  If this is good news, what does this moron consider great news.  Hopefully Scary Harry will not be a Senator next year.  His chances of re-election continue to dim.  Even the great Obama could not give him a jump in the polls.

Larry Kudlow at Townhall says Obamacare is One Giant Government Leap Backwards .  A very good article that asks some very good questions like: I thought we were supposed to be concentrating on creating jobs, not killing them?

The Starving Bloggist has a post suggesting that Larry Kudlow (same person in previous paragraph) should be drafted to run against Chuck Shumer for Senate.   A Senate without Shumer would seem like, well A Senate 🙂

 YAF speech by It's Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin posts “The Obama Way, Bluster, Bully & Bribe“.   A good post on the possible considerations the President may be offering to gain votes for his failed health care initiatives.

Alex Pappas has a post up on The Daily Caller that suggest the Tea Parties are on the march to take the town halls to Washington, DC.

Speaking of Shumer, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has a post up noting that RINO Lindsey Graham is working with Senator Shumer to bring an Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Bill back into the Senate.  This is all we need, its bad enough they are trying to cover health care for 20 million illegal people, many that are criminals, drug smugglers, sex slave traders, etc… why not increase the Democrat voting demographic by 20 million too.   I wonder, who represents the dead.  About one hundred thousand of them voted last election.  They are directly responsible for putting Al Frankin over the top in Minnesota.

Doug Ross has a great post up noting the Washington Post admittal that Obama policies will add over 9 trillion dollars to the National Debt.  Are Democrats waking up yet?  I mean this is the liberal Washington Post calling the President a liar.

Michelle Malkin has a post up her on site about the Pentagon shooter , John Patrick Bedell, noting that he is a registered Democrat, 9/11 truther that suffered from George Bush derangement syndrome.  This is in response to the MSM accusation that he was a right-wing nutjob.  This simply isn’t the case, just like Stack who rammed his personnel aircraft into a federal building, Bedell was another left-wing nutjob.  Folks, crazy is crazy, it does not matter what your political persuasions are, you are crazy.  I do not care who you voted for, I care that you are crazy.  Can you stomach this, the AP is comparing Bedell to Senator Jim DeMint.

Another round of bank closures in Florida, Utah, Maryland and Illinois.

Oil prices rise to 81 dollars a barrel.   That keeps the cost of gasoline a bit short of the target price of 7 dollars a gallon that Obama and the environuts want us to pay.


Fortune has an article on my new fiscal hero Rep Paul Ryan.

Morgen Richmond has a post up on Big Government calling out White House budget director Peter Orszag on the budget gimmicks he uses to hide the truth.  Simply put, Orszag is a liar.

Clifton B at Another Black Conservative has a post up on Obama’s Retreat on the Trails for Terrorists in Civilian Courts.

Its National Procrastination Week lets celebrate by not honoring it 🙂

And what would the end of the week be without one of those funny Japanese humor clips 🙂

And there you have it friends and neighbors.  A Friday, er it slipped into Saturday, round the country news Hodge Podge.

Another friendly reminder to my blogger friends, ‘Link Love Is Contageous’.

Have a great day all 🙂


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