Hodge Podge Tuesday 9 March 2010

Well I made it to Santa Fe.  I have some time between sub-committee meetings and decided to do a quick post.  I flew into Albuquerque and drove up to Santa Fe in a rental.   The cities are about 70 miles apart and drive is very scenic.  Here is one of the dozen or so pictures I took.  It is cold here.  Colder than DC.

A quick look at the news offers a lot to discuss, however time constraints being what they are, I will just link and do a drive by 🙂

California watchdog groups are blaming state climate control laws for job losses.  Go figure that one.  California has been bleeding jobs and talent for years due to their unfair tax structures, labor unions and anti-business climate laws.  The problem is California state legislators are totally blind to reality and are simply going to double down on their own failures.  Look for California to implode in the coming months and the Obama team to come running to the rescue with a boat load of taxpayer dollars from other states.  Of course, it has to be George Bush’s fault.  Lord knows it couldn’t liberal socialism running amok in Sacramento.

The Senate is warning employees not to visit the Drudge Report.  They claim it is due to a virus, something Drudge denies, but I think it has something to do with this picture and story on Pelosi losing control .  Either that or something really embarrassing is getting ready to pop-up. 

Apparently Detroit wants to downsize the city and return some of the property to farmland.   Gee, I guess that is a fitting end to a 50 year Liberal Democrat Socialist experiment of a model Socialist American city.  As I have said on numerous occasions, socialism does not work.  It never has, not once in history.  This just further proves that the Obama Administration’s current course is doomed to failure.

I won’t comment on Massa today.  Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit are all over that issue.  I am taking a wait and see approach.  Though I have little doubt there may be some merit to his claims, he does appear just a bit unstable.

Socialist Propagandi Michael Moore volunteers for White House duty.  Folks, I just can’t see him jogging up to the Capitol each morning to kick butt and take names.  I realize it is a short distance in jogger’s terms but it is slightly uphill, thus the name Capitol Hill, and I do not think Moore would fare all that well as a runner.  The President would do just fine and may even get a chance to use that CPR course he may have taken in college.  Come to think of it, this may be his only chance to save something this year.  Go for it.

Dan Rather or Joe Biden?   Hard to tell as both of them seem to have a foot in their mouths most of the time.  If a member on the right has said this liberal media would calling for their beheading on public television.

Just what America needs a pizza tax.  Yeah, let’s go after the profits of those evil fast food chains that hire the majority of our students and seniors.   Let’s justify that increase of unemployment benefits to 99 weeks.   Let then all take a 99 week vacation on the backs of the taxpayers.    Leave my pizza alone 🙂

When you are down 60 to 28 in the poles, its time to accuse your opponent of having his back waxed.  There is real game changing tactic.  Folks, do not try this at home, these people are professional politicians. 

The Census is underway.  They are sending out letters telling people that they will receive a letter and a census form.  Yep, Thats good use of the public tax dollar.   The most inefficient government ever.  I guess that is what all the hopey changy stuff was about.

Well that’s all I have time for today folks.  Thanks for reading.  I will end with another Japanese Candid Camera clip.  Have a great day all 🙂


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