The Un-Democratic Democrat Party

The Democrats have a plan to pass health care in the House of Representatives without having an actual vote by The People’s Representatives.  

Aptly named the Slaughter Solution, because it slaughters any hint of democracy, it is a plan by Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) to get the health care legislation through the House without an actual vote on the Senate-passed health care bill.  It will un-Constitutionally deny the voice of the American People while providing a smoke screen for those Democrats running for re-election in Conservative areas who can now claim they did not vote for the health care bill.

Rep Slaughter, who chairs the House Rules Committee, is clearly indicating a committment  to Obama and Pelosi by dictating this bill into law.  The House Democrats lack the votes needed to pass the Senate version of the health care bill so the Socialist Overlords, or leadership, will simply ‘deem’ the bill as passed without an actual vote by members of the House. 

Since The American People are clearly against the health bill, their voices shall no longer be heard in the Socialist controlled House of Representative.   Friends that is a dictatorship not a democracy.  Our Constitution plainly indicates that The House serves at Our pleasure.  We are not pleased and this will not go unchallenged.

One of the reasons I left the Democrat party years ago has do with their lack of democratic processes.  Barrack Obama would not be sitting The White House today if not for the un-democratic primary selection processes that were created by Social Elites who do not trust The American Voter’s choice in candidates.

Take the Caucus for instance.   The Republican caucus voting system in most states is relatively straightforward.  The voter casts a vote through secret ballot and the percentage support for each candidate decides what delegate will go on to the state convention to cast a vote based on the outcome.

 The Democrats have a more complex system.   In fact, it’s one of the most complex election processes on Earth.  In a typical caucus, registered democrats gather at the precinct meeting places.  Supporters for each candidate have a chance to make their case, and then the participants gather into groups supporting particular candidates.  In order for a particular group to be viable, they must have a certain percentage of the all the caucus participants. If they don’t have enough people, the group disbands, and its members go to another group.  This will continue, sometimes for days, until one candidate reaches the percentage cut-off determined by the number of delegates assigned to the precinct and a delegate is assigned to cast a vote for that candidate.

Obama successfully manipulated the caucus system by busing in supporters, using outside sources and creating havoc within the caucus to dissuade and intimidate those voting against him.  The Democrat caucus is designed to discriminate against average working people, families, commuters, etc… basically, anyone with responsibilities that would prevent them from attending a caucus for hours on end.  By paying people to be there, busing in supporters and using vocal plants to intimidate locals, Obama successfully took charge of many state caucus and gained delegates in races he would most likely not have won.  This was not democracy, this was control.

Now let’s have a look at the Super Delegate.  The super delegate is one of the Democrat Social Elite that is allowed to cast a vote equal to the vote of 50,000 or so average voters.   Super delegates are not elected.  They are selected by Democrat Party leaders based on their ‘status’ within the Democrat Party.  They can make up to 1/3 of the vote for the entire primary election process  (The actual percentage is dependent on voter turnout).  

The use of Super delegates allows Democrat Party Officials to correct the perceived ignorance of the voters.  They can sway the primary election towards any candidate they deem desirable even if the candidate appears to be unpopular with the voters.  

Let me break this down for you.  As a Democrat voting in a primary election your vote may only count as one-third of a vote, whereas  a Democrat Social Elitist (super delegate) can cast a vote worth 50,000 votes.  If that fair?  Is that democratic?   No, it is Socialist.   It favors the Ruling Class. 

When the Social Elite vote is placed above the vote of the common voter it is no longer a Democratic process, as it favors one individual’s right over another’s.   It diminishes the rights of the average voter.

Barrack Obama won his Senate seat through a Democrat Party deception.  He was one candidate out of four running in an Illinois Democrat primary election.  With the help of Democrat Party officials he successfully challenged the signatures on the petitions of the other three candidates and had them removed from the election.   The Petitions he challenged were gathered with the assistance of the Illinois Democrat Party.   Knowing Obama could not win on his own, the Democrat Party Officials simply eliminated his competition.  The review of the signature petitions ended up becoming one big political smoke screen designed to conceal the hand of Chicago style politics at work as usual.  Though the petitions would have passed the review of an impartial group, politics played a larger role than truth or justice in deciding they were deficient.  Had they been deemed properly submitted by the political review,  Barrack Obama would not have won his Senate Seat and would not be President today.  

So, while some may find it surprising that the Democrat House is attempting to circumvent the will of the People and take an Un-Constitutional action to further their Socialist goats.  I do not.  The Democrat party simply continues its’ tradition of  ‘un-democratic politics’.   

With the creation of the Slaughter Solution it becomes apparent that the Democrat Party is drunk on power.  They honestly believed that they have reached a point where the people no longer matter.  They can simply ‘rule as they please’ and no longer have to conceal the fact that they are Socialist bent on destroying whats left of the Democracy of the United States of America.


4 Responses to The Un-Democratic Democrat Party

  1. Interesting article, but it does appear that the Republican Party has some “superdelegates” as well. I think it would be better for both parties to go to a straight primary system where party members cast ballots for the particular candidate wanted on the general election ballot.

  2. Tuesday says:

    I deem my taxes paid.

  3. sirknob says:

    lol thanks for the comment. I like it, I may have to use it later 🙂

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