Burning Down The House Re-Visited

 This is a campaign ad from the 2008 presidential election.  This video explains the housing bubble that eventually brought down the US economy, or ‘Burned Down The House’.  The who, what, why, where, when and how are detailed and verifiable.  

My point in recycling this video is twofold.  One, to offer an example of how out of control government programs, such as the 2700 page healthcare bill being pushed by the Democrats, eventually injure the public and two, to point out the fact that the same people who caused the economy to crash, while they lined their own pockets, are the same people who are forcing this unpopular government program on the American People.

I know that many of you may be viewing this video for the first time.   Had we the benefit of an honest media, the facts in this video would have been known to you in November 2008 and the current landscape in Washington DC may look a bit differently than it does today.

While I will not defend the actions of the Republican Party, I will defend President Bush on the subject of the economy.   He pointed out the problem in 2001.  He tried to fix the problem in 2003, as did Senator McCain in 2005.  They gave the congress ample warning that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going to bring down the US economy.   It was the  Democrats defending their special program that would not allow any changes.  The implosion of the US economy was their fault.

Today, President Bush gets the blame for something he tried to prevent.  The guilty people were protected by an unethical media and now control Washington DC.  The people who were never allowed to know the facts seem surprised at the actions taken by the Democrat Party to increase our National Debt, force manufacturing jobs overseas, increase our dependence on foreign oil, support the government takeover of private businesses, repay social elites with public tax dollars and then send the bill to our grandchildren’s children.

Many people ask when did the Democrat Party become so un-friendly to taxpayers?    The answer is, they have been unfriendly to taxpayers since President Johnson first raided the Social Security nest egg to pay for the Viet Nam War.  The people in power today are Socialist.   They do no care about you, or me, or anyone else.  They simply care about power.  This is all about cementing power within the government through social programs.  Our Constitutional rights are being violated by people who are ashamed to say The Pledge of allegiance.

Friends, the Democrat Party today is not the Party of Kennedy.  While Barrack Obama is allowed to portray himself as Lincoln (A Republican), or Jefferson (A Libertarian) by an untrustworthy media, his adherence to the principles of Marxism go largely unreported.  He is nothing like Lincoln, Jefferson, Kennedy, or any of our founding fathers.  He is a devout Socialist as he firmly portrays himself in his own book.  His recent speeches on health care are more in line with the ‘Socialist demands’ of Hugo Chavez than the patriotic callings of President John Kennedy.

While I do not believe President Obama is an evil person.  I do believe he is a product of Chicago politics and has been groomed since early childhood to believe that Socialism provides the solution to all public ills.  He is thin-skinned and does not respond well to criticism.  And, though he claims to be a student of history, he has naively missed the fact that, historically, Socialism has brought nothing but pain and suffering to the people of every nation it has been ‘forced upon’.  He must either open his eyes to the values of a capitalist society or forever be damned as the last president residing over a free nation. 

Socialist policies do not create wealth.  Socialist policies subtract from wealth and eventually destroy wealth all together, for everyone.

Capitalism creates wealth that is eventually shared by everyone.  What is considered ‘poverty’ today in US cities far exceeds in wealth to what other nations consider ‘poverty’.  Poverty in the US means having a roof over your head, cable TV, cell phone, computer access and ‘free’ health care.  Poverty in other nations means living on the street and dying of hunger or disease.  There is no comparison.

The United States of America has a Constitution that has survived the test of time.  The liberties granted our populace have allowed this nation to flourish while others nations have destroyed themselves while experimenting with socialist polices.

History has shown that Capitalism works while Socialism never has.  Our government, our nation, exists as the oldest government on the planet as a testament to the success of a free people.  Unless we free ourselves from this socialist extremism that is currently running through our nations capital, the United States of America is destined to be just another foot note in History.  No nation survives once the Social Elites have taken over and firmly cemented their power over the populace with socialist government programs.


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  2. […] When insurance premiums skyrocket, when doctors are no longer available, when it takes months to see a specialist if you are allowed to, when government bureaucracy causes all day delays in simply making an appointment, when new drugs become unavailable, when druggist refuse to provide anything but generic brands from overseas, when the elderly are denied care because they are seen as a drain on the system, when hospitals become a place where the elderly go die instead of get well, when the jet set social elite are seeking medical attention in other countries, when every hospital waiting room in the country becomes one big crowded mess of suffering humanity, will the Democrats who are supporting this un-Constitutional takeover of the Nation’s Health Care System be rejoicing then?  When it comes to debate will they be saying ‘make my day’?   I doubt it.  If recent history is any indication they, along with their lame stream media enablers, will be trying to push the blame off on someone else. […]

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