Carly Fiorina Deflates The Babbs Boxer Myth

This is a political ad ran by the Fiorina for Senator campaign in California.  It is hard-hitting in that it informs the public that Senator Boxer has only passed 3 bills in 18 years.  Hard to believe.  Only 3 bills in 18 years for this liberal senator from California.  On the other side she did vote to raise taxes several times.  I honestly believe it is time for Boxer to go.  Talk about a do nothing waste of taxpayer dollars. 

Giving credit where credit is due.  I built and sold computers to pay for my books through college.  There was a time when I wouldn’t give  you a  dollar for an HP computer unless I was going to use it as a boat anchor.  Today they are some of the finest computers available.  I have two HP laptops.  In fact, I am typing this on one of them now.  As I said, giving credit where credit is due, she not only made HP profitable, she made HP better.


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