My E-Mail To Rep Connolly In Regards To Health Care

I sent the following e-mail to Representative Gerry Connolly in regards to the upcoming Health Care issue.

Though I doubt it will do much good.  His is a Nancy Pelosi sock puppet who votes the way she tells him to, or sometimes allows him to.  The usual response is a condecending form letter expressing how evil the insurance company  is, what with their whole 2% profit margin and all, and a rah rah for health care reform the way Obama wants it.  He lives in some other world where the workers who built and sustain this country are his mortal enemies.  Only Fairfax County liberals support him even after his term as Fairfax County Supervisor resulted in a 21% increase in crime due to his illegal immigrant friendly, law breaking facilitating, demands that the local Home Depots and Lowes build fully furnished dayworkers shelters for illegal immigrants.  So they wouldn’t have to stand out in the cold without bathrooms, color TVs and a warm place to sit, while they were illegally contracted to do work illegally and untaxed, while taking work and tax dollars away from US Citizens.  

Hello Mr. Socialist, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits:-) I just wanted to inform you that you serve at the pleasure of the people of Virginia. You were elected to represent us, not your socialist overlords. As you prepare to vote in favor of an unconstitutional health bill against the wishes of the majority of Virginians, you are also voting to end your career in politics. Though I am sure your socialist overlords will provide some position of servitude once you are voted out of office. I can assure you a vote for this 2700 page of socialist anti-American, special interest payoffs that will greatly increase health care costs while lowering health care standards, a bill which you have never even bothered to read by the way (a requirement of your office), will be a vote to not only to end your career in politics, but a vote to end the power enjoyed by your socialist overlords who will no longer be in a position to protect you. Next election cycle the press will not be on your side. You will have enough to deal with trying to justify the actions you have taken to date, not to mention how you used public tax dollars to support illegal immigration during your tenure as Fairfax County Supervisor. My suggestion is to drop your support for your socialist overlords and vote for the people you are supposed to be representing. Over 70% of Virginians want real health care reform. Over 85% of Virginians ‘do not want this bill’. Vote no on the Health Care Bill, then get your butt to work on the Health Care Bill ‘The People Want’. You know, one that has tort reform, goes after fraud and criminal activities, allows purchase accross state lines and offers the people choices. A bill that will actually lower costs and offers the thing I suggeseted unlike the things your socialist bill currently does not even address. A bill that will not destroy the best health care system in the World. Have a nice day, while it lasts.

I probably will not bother with posting his response.  Like Senators Webb and Warner, he likes to portray some country where the people are dying off in the streets in desperate need of health care that is only reserved for the rich.  What country these three people are seeing in their day dreams I have no idea.   It sounds like some socialist coutnry to me, but they are not seeing, or even representing, the United States of America.


2 Responses to My E-Mail To Rep Connolly In Regards To Health Care

  1. angiemc says:

    Hey we’re neighbors although my Representative is Frank Wolf, thankfully. Are you part of the Northernvirgina tea party?

    What do you think of the potential Republican candidates going up against Connelly?

    • sirknob says:

      Hello Neighbor, thank you for the comment, please forgive the late response 🙂 Yes, I am on The PWC Tea Party list 🙂 Information provoided by Nancy of the PWC Tea Party (link on my home page) is that Keith Fimian who ran against Connolly before and Supervisor Pat Herrity of Springfield are both entertaining the idea of taking Connolly down. Fimian did not lose by that many votes as I recall, ACORN will have its’ hands in the games so I am sure we will see the dead rise again to vote, but I do not see any scenario, pending a candidate meltdown, where Connolly wins in a fair election.
      Again, sorry for the late response. Due to the large volume of spam attempting to advertise here, I must approve the comments the first time. Once you have been approved the first time, your comments will appear automatically when the system cycles 🙂
      Thanks again, I hope you and yours have a great day 🙂

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