Hugh Hewitt: If Democrats Break It (HealthCare) They Bought It

Here is an article by Hugh Hewitt over at The Washington Examiner noting that if Democrats break healthcare, they have bought the blame forever.

While White House Adviser David Axelrod says ‘make my day’  in reference to debating health care as an issue in the upcoming 2010 and 2012 elections, what he and other Democrat supporters fail to notice that once they break the best health care system in the World, they will forever ‘own’ the blame for the problems created.

When insurance premiums skyrocket, when doctors are no longer available, when it takes months to see a specialist if you are allowed to, when government bureaucracy causes all day delays in simply making an appointment, when new drugs become unavailable, when druggist refuse to provide anything but generic brands from overseas, when the elderly are denied care because they are seen as a drain on the system, when hospitals become a place where the elderly go die instead of get well, when the jet set social elite are seeking medical attention in other countries, when every hospital waiting room in the country becomes one big crowded mess of suffering humanity, will the Democrats who are supporting this un-Constitutional takeover of the Nation’s Health Care System be rejoicing then?  When it comes to debate will they be saying ‘make my day’?   I doubt it.  If recent history is any indication they, along with their lame stream media enablers, will be trying to push the blame off on someone else.

Democrats see the Health Care issue as a means of cementing themselves in power based on public need.  They believe that the more the public depends on government, the more the public will vote for more government. 

As a campaign issue they may be right.  In the beginning.  The ability to chastise Republican and arouse voter suspicion with the cries of ‘Republicans want to take your health care away’ or ‘the Republicans will not treat the sick’ may work up to the point when the majority of the public realizes that the Democrats have broken the system.

The Obama obsession with health care, and his forcing of the Democrat Party to push the issue, may well end up being the end of the Democrat Party as we know it.  At this point it is too early to tell.  Once they have broken Health Care it will simply be added to ever-growing list of government interventions that always end up costing more and doing less.

Nothing the Democrats have proposed will ‘fix’ the problems with health care.  In fact, they will do just the opposite.  We need simply look at Canada, or our friends the British, to see how socialist intervention has destroyed their health care systems and is causing the majority of their people to suffer the consequences of a bad and bloated government program.


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