The 2309 Page House Reconciliation Act Of 2010

The House has posted The Health Care Reconciliation.  It is titled The Reconciliation Act of 2010

It is 2309 pages of double spaced, double speak, that is also combined with the government takeover of the student loan program.

I had originally intended on reading through and highlighting the major issues, however after only 15 pages I had over 1 page of comments.  I really need to condense my thoughts.  As I continued to read ahead, and look at what I was writing, I realized that only those select few that are really interested in the finer points would be interested in reading my observations and that they would probably want to read it for themselves.

Check out this item from line 17 page 4.  Is this the return of the public option?  It seems like the Democrats are trying to pull another fast one.  This is desperation to the max.  I think they are losing it.



(B) creates a new Health Insurance Exchange, with a public health insurance option alongside private plans;


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