Chuck Norris Says Don’t Mess With Texas Textbooks

Chuck Norris :: Columnist

I tell you, the more I read of Chuck Norris, the more impressed I become with his knowledge of the issues.  In his recent post ‘Dont Mess With Texas Textbooks‘.  Mr Norris nails the the issue.

For too long liberals have imposed political correctness over true history.  As our founding fathers have disappeared from the textbooks, so have their morals, their spirits and their willingness to sacrifice, only to be replaced with the socialist ideals of the liberal left and their view of how history should have been.

American history is rich with knowledge, experience and both moral and spiritual observation.  We do not need to supplant it with PC events that never occurred, or do not matter, in an attempt to hide the true history of this nation.

Our founding fathers were Christians who sacrificed to build a Christian Nation based on Judaea Christian principles that declared all men are endowed by their creator as free and equal. 

To deny this is factual history, or attempt to gloss over the impact that Christian values have in the founding this nation, is not only a travesty, but will eventually be used to enslave us.

Our Constitution is no longer taught in public school, nor is our legislature, The Declaration of Independence, nor the Founding Fathers.  This is a basic attempt by the socialist left to deny the founding principles of this nation.

To those of you who disagree I leave you with this warning.  Our Founding Fathers said our rights were given to us by God.  We are born with the rights.

If you deny this, then you must accept that our rights are given to us by government.  There is no other choice.  And, what the government gives, the government can always take away.  Think about it.

When we forget history’s mistakes we are bound to repeat them.


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