Hodge Podge Thursday 18 March 2010

Today is the day the house is supposed to release its’ reconciliation bill.  Michelle Malkin notes that resistance to the health care bill is on the increase

Idaho has now joined 36 other states intending to file lawsuits challenging the health care bill based on the provisions of the bill that violate the U.S. Constitution.

Grace-Marie Turner at the Daily Caller suggests ObamaCare backers should get ready to play defense.  I have to agree.  The president and his socialist ilk honestly believe that once their socialist health care program is passed into law, that everyone is just going to love it.  I don’t think so 🙂

Here are the top ten health care benefits  the Democrats are banking their political careers on.

Okay, enough health care until the bill comes out today, maybe.  I’m not holding my breath.  Barry may want to cancel that trip to Asia if he wants this thing to keep moving  🙂

Hillary Clinton apparently authorized State Department spending of $5.4 million to buy fine crystal stemware for American embassies.  This contract could have been fulfilled by US manufacturers.  Instead it went to Sweden.  US manufacturers were not offered a chance to bid.  Is there anyone left out there who doubts that the Democrats want to bring this country down.  Money that probably should ‘not’ have been spent is sent to a foreign country to contract items that are available in the US, while US unemployment is hovering around 10%.  Yeah, they are all over that jobs creation thing.

VP Joe Biden bombs at the correspondence dinner.  Somehow I do not find this surprising.  Mr. Biden, though funny,  is best known for his gaffes, not his stand up routine.  Unless of course you consider his appearances at that restaurant that burned down 10 years before he supposedly frequented. You remember, during the campaign, the place he said he often went to when he wanted to talk with the real people. 

Apparently the ACLU has had enough of the US killing terrorist with those Un-Constitutional Drones.  They have filed a lawsuit against the US government to stop their use.   Basically, the ACLU has nothing against the killing of the terrorist per say, it is the lack of legal representation that bothers them.  After all, if a lawyer cannot make money on it, no one should be allowed to do it.  I say we make a deal.  We hire a lawyer to represent each missile we fire.  Of course, if the missile does not show up to testify, shoot the missile’s lawyer.

Obama is throwing fuel on the fire in the Middle East.  Like Bill Clinton, he is going to wag the dog a bit, but in lieu of firing off a few errant cruise missiles, he will send the Palestinians on a rampage against Israel.  He hopes this will get the press off his back in regards to his failing health care program and all the illegal activities surrounding it.  Why should he care if a few Israelis die if it supports his cause.  After all, Israel recently labeled him an Anti-Semite.  Gee, cannot figure why?  Could it be the people he hangs with?

Doug Ross has posted the new School House Rock Slaughter version of how a bill becomes a law.

And I will wrap things up with this anatomy of almost every news story you’ve ever seen on CNN or MSNBC.  There is a bit of a language warning on this one.   Yes, it is BS.

Have a great day all.  Thanks for reading and please share with your friends and loved ones 🙂


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