Jon Voight To Be At Tea Party Rally In DC Saturday

The Tea Party Protests continue 🙂  There is a rally scheduled for high noon in Washington DC this Saturday the 20th of March.

According to The Daily Caller Actor and Tea Party Patriot Jon Voight is scheduled to attend.  

I received the following information from The Prince William County Tea Party Patriots: 

PWC Tea Party Patriots:

This may be your last chance to stop the passage of the Healthcare Bill. Please read below received this day from the Richmond Tea Party.
Nancy & Yale
Join the Richmond Patriots in a caravan to Washington DC on March 20th. This is our last effort to oppose the Socialcrats and Obama in the Big Government, Big Spending takeover of our freedorm, our rights as Americans and our Healthcare.
We will be leaving from the Bass Pro Shop on I-95 in Ashland, VA at 8:00 AM and park at Union Station, DC.  Drive your gas guzzeling SUV’s and your big,
expensive van’s to help transport people.  No eco-friendly cars allowed.  Let’s spend our money on gas before the government takes every penny we have
worked hard to earn. 
Parking fee at Union Station for 4 to 5 hours is $13.00. 
The time of the rally is 12:00 noon.  The exact location of the rally is pending the permit.  We will keep you advised of the latest information as it is released.. 
Laura Alcorn
Michelle Stanley
Richmond Patriots, LLC


2 Responses to Jon Voight To Be At Tea Party Rally In DC Saturday

  1. […] is time to take the country back from the socialists and progressives.  Join the protest today in DC. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Chuck Norris Says Don’t Mess With Texas […]

  2. […] It is time we educate the masses.  Stand up.  Be heard.  Join the Tea Parties.  Call your congress, call your senate.  Attend the Tea Party Protest Today. […]

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