The Morons Who Support Obama Care

Remember when Howard Stern came out against the Democrats and called them Communists?

Now recall when Sal went in NYC and asked Obama supporters about their support of Obama, but Sal stated only issues that McCain supported.  The kicker was when he asked ‘Do you support Sarah Palin as Obama’s VP pick’?

How about the clueless woman who believed she wouldn’t have to work, Obama was going to pay her bills and put gas in her car?

What about when Sean Hannity asked a group of Obama supporters what Obama’s accomplishments were and their response was crickets chirping?

What about this 10 minute video of Obama voters at the polls being asked simple questions like, who controls congress, who is Harry Reid, who is Nancy Pelosi, who is Barney Frank, etc.. and nobody knows?

The questions in the above video were generated from this Zogby poll titled ‘What do Barrack Obama Supporters Know’?  The answer, according to the poll, not much.

I could do this all night, but my point is, these are the morons supporting Obama Care.  They are not informed.  They do not know.  They are simply puppets repeating what they hear on TV.  Basically, doing as they are told.

It is time we educate the masses.  Stand up.  Be heard.  Join the Tea Parties.  Call your congress, call your senate.  Attend the Tea Party Protest Today.

We cannot continue to let the unknowing, lead by the uncaring, go on supporting issues and people they know nothing about.  We cannot continue to allow the lame stream media to misinform and indoctrinate those who lack facilities to learn the truth.

It is time to educate.  It is time to be heard 🙂

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