The Democrat Way When All Else Fails Scream Racism

Far too many times these days I hear the term racist used in defense of indefensible political positions.  The Congressional Black Caucus is the focus of the most recent accusations.

On Saturday, as they made their way through the crowded Tea Party protesters, members of the CBC were met with shouts of Kill The Bill.  In what has become a trend for Democrats and Socialist media that cannot defend their positions on merit, members of the CBC immediately tossed out the ‘race card’ and made media announcements that they were racially discriminated against during their walk through the protesters.

However, video evidence of the encounter proves otherwise.

True to their nature, CBC members brought forth their memories of the civil rights protests and the now familiar accusation that Tea Party Protesters are racist.  However, one cannot help but notice the reluctance of any member of the CBC to take legal action based on their accusations.  That could be based on the fact that several videos of the event provide evidence that the CBC is in fact not being truthful to the public and would prefer to play the race card rather than justify their positions on a health care bill that will enslave the nation to government programs.

As usual, the drive by media is not concerned with facts or truth and merely amplifies the baseless accusations of the CBC when video evidence proves otherwise.

Dana Leosch has more over at The Dan Show.


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