Rev Sharpton “The People Voted For Socialism When They Elected Obama”

Rev Al Sharpton during an interview on Fox News, after the Democrats voted for government control of our nations health care, offered “the American People voted for Socialism when they elected Barrack Obama”.

Rev Sharpton also stated that this was just the ‘first hurdle’ for the Obama agenda.  Which only means there is more socialism to come.

The president apparently agrees with the Reverend as he states “this is what change looks like”. 

He also said this isn’t radical.  However, I find that hard to believe when he continues to repeat the lies of budget savings.  As is the plan will cost 1/2 trillion dollars more than the GPO estimate.  An estimate  that was based upon Democrat budget gimmicks and not the factual data.  The true cost of the plan will bankrupt the nation.  In our history no social program has ever cost less than double the amounts claimed. 

One should take note.  Social Security is failing, Medicare is failing, Medicaid is failing and all are bankrupting the nation.  Why should Obama care be any different.

He also claims to be saving seniors while ignoring the fact that they are taking their money away.  The plan reduces Medicare by 1/2 trillion dollars and robs almost 100 Billion dollars from Social Security which is already on life support.  What exactly is he saving the seniors from.  A life?

There is no doubt that President Obama is, in fact, a Socialist.  While he will not personally admit to it (just another lie in his long list), he speaks of it in his book, his close friends are socialist or communist, he was known as ‘the communist’ at Occidental University, he shared office space with Bill Ayers and the head of the Illinois Communist Party for three years.  He also supported a radical socialist education system throughout his career in Illinois politics.

Obama is in fact a Socialist.  If he were an honest man he would admit it openly.  What I cannot figure is why he is so ashamed to admit it publicly when he, and many of his supporters, honestly believes the public is in full support of his socialist agenda.

What Obama, in his quest for re-election, has overlooked may be the answer to the problem.  By bringing the pain first (taxes, benefit cuts, etc.. ) and delaying the implementation of health care benefits until 2014 (at which time he dreams to be in his second term), he may have opened the door for repeal.

President Reagan once said ‘that the closet thing to immortality is a government program’.  The problem has always been the difficulty in taking benefits away from the individuals using them.  If health care is repealed, prior to 2014, there will be no one receiving benefits under the plan. Therefore, there are no injured parties. 

While killing the plan will help both small business and individuals by aleviating taxes and compliance burdens, there will be no injured parties losing their benefits.  

This may be the key to killing the bill and the president and democrats have provided it.  Only time will tell. 

This is only the first battle of a long campaign against the socialists currently in control of our federal government.  Obama supporters say ‘yes we can’.  In the words of the house minority leader I respond ‘Hell no you can’t’.  We have lost a battle, but the war goes on.

‘Remember, socialim only works until you run out of other people’s money.’


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