Tuesday Humor 23 March 2010

Seems everyone is posting on health care issues, and while I do have items on the back burner, I decided break the cycle and post a bit of humor just for the fun of it. 

This may, or may not, be true, but I like the gist of it 🙂

What the middle class has to look forward to under the current administration.

One for the hard thinkers 🙂

One for the not so hard thinkers like me 🙂

Okay, those were all political.  Now the real fun.  What would life be without one of those funny ‘candid camera’ videos 🙂

Hey, don’t knock it, the Dems just voted on a bill they never read, so its pretty much the same thing 🙂

Hey, this one has Barney Frank in it..

My mistake, it was just a guy in a gorilla suit.

I imagine these people feel just like Obama voters.  What did I just do?

Okay, if you are in a hurry, you may want to skip this one on the New Canadian Border.  It just goes to the gullibility of the average voter 🙂

Hey, is that Rep Dennis Kucinich ?

Oh well, enough for now.  Have a great day all 🙂


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