Hodge Podge Friday 26March 2010

Friday is here and so is another Hodge Podge of various news items.  Basically, I work during the day and didn’t have the time to write something detailed.  So I scanned the news and I appropriately used the same amount I could have used writing something detailed and I offer you this in lieu of that really good article I could have written 🙂

Pamela Geller has a new post up on the continuing saga of our President’s apparent hate for Israel.  Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: Barack Hussein Obama II’s War Against Israel

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Obama continues to unload on Israel while ignoring Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah.  Why is he so wound up over Israel building on their own lands.  The land belonged to them well before the Muslims took it over.  While he unloads on our only true middle east ally, the enemies of our nation continue to plot and scheme for our downfall.  He is not asleep at the switch.  His hatred simply makes him blind. 

Obama’s recent treatment of the Israeli PM  during his recent visit to the White House was beyond disrespectful.  Hopefully he did not force him to exit via the White House garbage door as he did the Dali Lama.

VP Joe Biden is getting a lot of mileage out of his foul language foobar at the health care bill signing gala event.  Apparently, dropping the F bomb on live TV gets you plenty of good press.  Maybe that is why Mad Donna did is so often.

Joe Biden is like the crazy uncle that everyone loves, but they cringe every time he opens his mouth.  You know its coming, you know it may not be true, you know it may be offensive, you hope he is only going to pass gas, but in the end, there you are, standing there open-mouthed thinking ‘I can’t believe he just said that’.  Of course in the Democrat world that is Vice Presidential material they can all be proud of.  Afterall, we couldn’t have crazy old uncle Joe making sense and be less gaff prone than the great Obama.  Now could we.  He is there for a reason.

Pamela Geller called socialist mad man Michael Moore on his bluff to engage her in a battle of wits on talk radio to discuss his newest hit piece on Capitalism.  Of course Moore would be defenseless in a battle wits, not to mention he could not take hard questions on the pack of vile lies he claims to be history, so he folded faster than Obama did on Iran Sanctions.

The Tea Party tells Harry Reid challenger running on The Tea Party ticket to take a hike.   apparently they have never heard of this guy.

“We at the Tea Party Express have a message for Scott Ashjian, whose been trying to pretend he’s in the Tea Party Movement: Get lost,” Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams says in the ad that’s set to be released Thursday by the group and its Our Country Deserves Better PAC.
This will only get worse as election time draws near.  Democrat plants, paid union thugs and ACORN (or whatever they will call themselves) will go to any lengths to discredit the Tea Party movement.  With the aid of their socialist allies in the lame stream media they will do all they can to take the public’s attention off the Tea Party message and focus the public attention on the lies that substitute for journalism these days.
Apparently Freedom isn’t all that important to Canada.  Our Neighbors  to the North have done away with freedom of speech and are working on outlawing free exchange of ideas as well.   
 Ann Coulter was invited to give a speech, then warned she was in violation of Canada’s Speech Laws before she gave the speech.  Then students and protesters spun up by media and socialist educators showed up in protest and shut down the speech.  Something is definitely wrong in Canada.  I notice no one was taking away the right of free speech for the protestors, the socialist media or the liberal elites and therein lies the problem.
Apparently Jose Mesa is in Cincinnati and he is really POd at liberal democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus.  Gateway Pundit reports  Oh Brother. Lib Media Claims Rock Was Thrown Through Rep’s Office Window… On 30th Floor.  Yes, the window that was broken is on the 30th floor.  What will the lib media blame on conservatives next.  Breaking news, Barney Frank finds ring around his bathtub, local law enforcement suspects dirty politics.
President Obama says “Hey bankers.  Stop demanding monthly mortgage payments.  It’s not like the people signed a contract or anything”.
The man just does not get how that capitalism thing works.  If the banks cannot make a profit, they cannot loan money, pay workers, pay taxes, etc… Our president needs an education in applied economics, lets cut his pay and bill him monthly.
Hey America, are you missing Jimmy Carter yet?  The billboard is real and located in Texas.
I have never missed Jimmy Carter, but in my mind he is no longer the worst president in US history.  Mr Obama is so far past Jimmy that it isn’t even a race anymore.  I guess that is why Jimmy is smiling these days.
Kevin Jackson, author of The Big Black Lie, destroys MSNBC clown Shuster.  While blowing holes in Shuster’s theories on Tea Party violence and he also places the blame for lynchings back on the Democrats where it justly belongs.  He then takes time to note that Bush was depicted as Hitler by the left on several occasions.
I guess Shuster ‘chooses’ to forget the fact that hired Democrat operatives, including a radical lefty hired by the SEIU, were caught vandalizing Democrat Party Headquarters in Colorado.  Hey Shuster, its not journalism when you cannot report the truth or facts.
Good news, thanks to the Democrats and ObamaCare, Sex Offenders can now get Viagra paid for by the taxpayers.  The ACLU and The American Trial Attorneys have their names all over this one.  Afterall, crime does pay if you are an attorney.  That is the reason why they start crying the prisons are over crowded every time there is a drop in crime rates.  The real crime is that they get to game the system and imperil the public solely to line their own pockets with public tax dollars.  You will note there is nothing in the Health Bill in regards to Tort Reform, however, there are hundreds of give aways that put money in the pockets of criminal attorneys.   This is the type of representation we end up with, when we elect a congressional majority which mainly consists of elitist millionaire attorneys.
 What would life be without a bit of humor.  I thought I would toss in a few candid camera clips to lighten your load.
Eggs anyone?
Ah, the old head in a toilet trick, that’s the ticket.
Yes, I would probably pull on it too 🙂
Only in Japan.  Lawyers here would have a field day 🙂
This guy is good, so I am posting him again 🙂
That is all for Hodge Podge Friday.  I hope everyone has a great day 🙂

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