Rep Anthony Weiner It Is A Mandate, Not A Rebate, Read The Bill!

Bill O’Reilly and Rep Anthony Weiner went one on one to discuss the penalty for not purchasing health insurance under the new ObamaCare law known as the government takeover of Health Care.

Rep Weiner obviously has not read the bill.  He doesn’t have a clue on what the law says.  He attempts to spin away Mr. O’Reilly’s question ‘who collects the fine’?

Rep Weiner is not only clueless on the content of the bill, he flat-out lies then flips it by calling others the liars.  He attempts to spin the tax fines for not purchasing insurance into a tax rebate allowance for purchasing insurance.  The bill clearly states it is a ‘fine’ for not having insurance.  The ‘fine’ will be ‘collected’ by the ‘IRS’.

Rep Weiner, you never read the bill.  Do not insult our intelligence by lies and spin, acting as if you know what you are talking about.  You are the one who needs to ‘stop making things up’.  Read the bill, what is in it may, or may not, surprise you.

If this is the angle the Democrats intend to use in front of the Supreme Court, they have already lost.  You cannot defend an unconstitutional law that violates the rights of the citizens by using political spin.  In the law it states that people will be ‘fined’ for not purchasing health insurance.  This is a mandate, not a rebate.

Rep Weiner I suggest you buy yourself a clue.  That angry little flair of yours may play well on Socialist Avenue, but it is really causing some anger on Main Street.  It it really unbecoming of a Representative to show up on TV shooting his mouth off, calling  people liars, while lying about the details of a law he has never read.  You Sir are the problem and we know what the cure is.  It is electing ‘Representatives of the People’ and voting out ‘Socialist Liars’ like yourself.

New York I believe one of your idiots is missing.


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