The UK Will Begin Closing Hospitals & Reducing Medical Care

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Tens of thousands of NHS workers would be sacked, hospital units closed and patients denied treatments under secret plans for £20 billion of health cuts .

Of course we will hear nothing of this in our American Lame Stream Media.

The failings of UK nationalized health care are stark and alarming.  approximately 2% of the total population in the UK are employed in the National Health Service (NHS).  The costs associated with providing government controlled health care have bankrupted the nation and have severely crippled the ability of health care providers to provide quality health care.

The UK hospitals are over crowded, underfunded, understaffed and bleeding away talented health care professionals.  The government panels that control the purses strings are responsible for the deaths of thousands that have been neglected not only due to the decline in availability of certain procedures, but also due to the outright denial of services to those they have deemed ‘no longer a use to society’ (death panels).

In the UK the elderly have come to fear the hospitals.  Hospitals are no longer a place where the elderly go to be healed.  They have become a place where the elderly go to die.

Health care providers must score each elderly patient prior to providing care.  Those deemed not worth the investment of public dollars, as they no longer work and pay taxes, are placed in a ‘death ward’ where they are supplied with pain medication only.  They are not fed nor cared for, unless it is done by family members, they are quietly left to die.  If for no medical reason, they are starved to death.

This is the socialized health care the democrats dream of.  Murder over a million innocent babies a year and then send our elderly off to death wards when they are no longer considered a value.  Only the social elites and the wealthy can go outside the system and receive valuable lifesaving intervention.

During the next election cycle everyone must vote as if their lives depend on it.  Life no longer has meaning to the Socialist controlled Democrat Party.  Let yourself be heard.


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