ObamaCare The Bestest Bill The Democrats Never Read

Jason Mattera, author of ‘Obama Zombies’, appeared on Hannity and provided video of his interviews asking Democrats about specific items in the bills they voted for.  Sen Al Frankin (D-Oblivion) asks Mr. Mattera to point out the issue in the bill.  As I have said on many occasions ‘they do not know what they voted for, because they never bothered to read any of the bills.’

They have not read the Cap & Tax Bill yet they ‘think’ they know what is in it.

Vast portions?  I have read vast portions of the Bible too, but I can’t claim to know everything that is in it.

Of course, they did not bother to read the one trillion-dollar Stimulus Bill either.  They promised us they knew what was in the bill and boasted of the wonderful affects the bill would have on our economy. However, it seems the only effect it has had is to boost Wall Street, while ignoring Main Street, as it funnelled millions of our tax dollars into the pockets of Socialist Billionaires.

The Presidents says the Stimulus is working exactly as planned?

Of course their predictions of jobs saved by the Stimulus Bill turned out to be a bit of a stretch.

Is anyone surprised that the Democrats, having never read the health bill, the stimulus package, cap & trade, now apparently have no idea what is in the bills, or what effects the bills will have on businesses and jobs?

Perhaps this guy can provide some of the answers.

The answer lies in a new government of representatives that represent the people and do not attempt to ‘rule’ over them.  Government cannot be allowed to pick the winners and losers as they will always favor special interests over the rights of the people.  People need to be free to win and lose based on their own risk and initiatives.  Providing an abundance of government-funded safety nets forces people to take risks, that they normally would not take, in order to remain competitive.  This leads to a lack of common sense when it comes to business, or personal, decision-making.

As George Carlin once said, “it wasn’t the big strong guy that stood up to the dinosaurs that survived, it was the short skinny guy that could run between the rocks and hide”.  Of course Socialist Democrats would pass laws protecting the dinosaurs and let them devour us whole.  After all, with the help of lame stream media, they have been feeding the socialist dragon for years.

The first question for anyone desiring to run for public office should be, ‘So, do you know how to read’?  If their response includes any mention of Harvard, or Yale, send them packing.  Apparently, Ivy League colleges do not prescribe to the notion that one should read and understand a document before signing it, or voting for it.  Perhaps someone should sponsor a charity event titled ‘Teach Our Congress How To Read’.

My new bumper sticker will read ‘Wanted A New Congress Must Be Willing To Read’, or perhaps I will simply sponsor a charity event designed to familiarize congress with the written word.  After all, they seem so out of touch with reality, maybe they just do not know how to read.

Welcome Another Black Conservative Fans 🙂  Thanks Clifton B 🙂


2 Responses to ObamaCare The Bestest Bill The Democrats Never Read

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  2. Janelle Humbert says:

    I’m a firm believer in the idea that Congress should write the bills, no farming out of their own responsibilities. Yes, it would slow down the process and rousing cheers for that. If they are too incompetent to write or read……who needs them?
    Oddly, with egos like theirs, I would think that they would leap at the idea of authoring bills, not ‘sponsoring’ them.

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