Chicago Pay To Play Politics Take Over Albany

New York State Democrats are taking a line from Chicago politicians

Democrats recently announced  their intent for a 180 million dollar budget cut that would focus on the state worker’s unions.  The Chairman of the New York Democrat Senate Campaign Committee later told union leaders that they could secure, in other words buy, a seat on a soon to be created labor advisory council for a donation of $50,000. 

The soon to be created advisory council will attend exclusive meetings with Senate Democrats and participate in the 2010 campaign strategy. 

Republicans charge that Democrats have advised the unions that their funding will be restored once the donations begin flowing into the campaign.  Basically, if the unions play ball, and fill the Democrat coffers with donations, the budget cuts will go away.

Associations are being made to the close relationship that President Obama shares with the SEIU.  The SEIU pumped over 28 million dollars into the Obama campaign and several SEIU members have been rewarded with high level government positions.

Most recently the President made a ‘recess’ appointment and named SEIU labor lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.  This appears to be a conflict of interest, as Mr. Becker, who worked on the Obama transition team while in the employ of the SEIU and has written several SEIU favorable executive orders for Obama, will now be placed in a position to directly favor union labor over non-union labor.

The President was politically groomed on illegal  ‘pay for play’ politics during his rise to power Chicago.  He simply continues to play the only game he knows. 

It now seems that the Democrat Party in New York has decided to embrace the heavy-handed, and illegal, pay for play politics that have made the City of Chicago famous for its’ corruption. 

One has to wonder how long the lame stream media will continue to ignore unethical behavior on the part of the Democrat Party.  At some point there has to be a correction.   They cannot continue to use pay to play politics with labors unions, and others, whose power will disappear once all the jobs are gone.

For today’s ethically bankrupt Democrats it seems that it is all about ‘The Deal’.


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