Hodge Podge Thursday 1 April 2010

Happy Fools Day from one of the biggest fools on the net 🙂  I found a couple of items for you to peruse while you take a break from terrorizing all your co-workers with April Fools Pranks 🙂

Here is a video titled 3 Reasons Public Sector Employees are Killing the Economy.

I work for the government full-time.  I work in Science and Engineering.  The higher pay scales in government were intended for higher skills such as the people I work with.  Over the years I have seen the government hire over 100k attorneys that they do not need.  Starting pay for an inexperienced government attorney is 100k, or more.  Another reason we should ‘not’ vote attorneys into public office.  Like rabbits, they multiply.

The other issue I have with government hiring is that they have taken simple jobs and given them ‘titles’ in order to increase pay levels.  A simple budget person becomes a program manager.  A person who contracts goods and services becomes a project manager.  An accountant becomes an economist and makes as much as an attorney.   These were all mid grade jobs less than 10 years ago.  Now they all pay 6 figures and many of the jobs do not even require a college degree. 

Doug Ross has a great post where Mark Levin goes off on President Obama.  This is the post I was writing in my spare time, but dang it, Mark Levin not only beat me to it, he did a much better job 🙂

Mark Levin: Your Health Care Bill Is A Fraud Mr. President And You Lied

I guess the City of New York can longer afford to pay its’ citizens for ‘good behavior’.   Gee $100.00 for going to the dentist, $600.00 for passing an exam.  Where the heck were these people when I was going to school.  I didn’t even have dental until I joined the service.  I had to depend on The Lion’s Club for my annual checkups to the age of 14.  That is the big loss with government programs.  Community involvement goes out the window.

Rep Charlie Rangel (D-Singsing) may have a real Republican challenger.  The Reverend Michel Faulkner, a former New York Jet, is said to be a champion of the poor.  Rev Faulkner preaches GOP values of reduced government, lower taxes, and entrepreneurship.   

Well, that is all I have time for now friends and neighbors.  I will end this with 160 of the greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.  It is kind of like humor 🙂  Have a great day all 🙂


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